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Do you notice reluctance and fear among your children when it comes to working on Math? Here
is some good news for you – Indian Abacus products. Indian Abacus helps students work mental calculations with higher speed with accuracy.

Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed, Inventor, Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Abacus Pvt Ltd, Chennai, who has rich experience in Abacus based mental arithmetic skill development program started the company in 1999 which has spread its wings Pan-India now.

1 Indian Abacus CMD Basheer Ahmed

How is Indian Abacus different from traditional Abacus?
· While Indian Abacus has slider images with two prime colours (Red and Green) which enables students to have good image memory (visualization) and is easy to learn too, Traditional Abacus works on beads type without multicolour images.
· The Indian Abacus sliders don’t fall but traditional abacus beads fall down if the student does not hold carefully.
· Students can hold the Indian Abacus upside down also without changing the answer but traditional Abacus beads will reach zero position.
Talking about how Indian Abacus varies from conventional math, Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed says that after 6 months of training in abacus, students will be able to do mental calculations. One can see better speed and accuracy in the various aspects of mathematics while conventional methods make students do the calculations slowly.

1 Indian Abacus Digital copy

How was Indian Abacus developed?
Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed found handling traditional abacus had disadvantages and this motivated him to look for a new tool which is children-friendly and has great design and features. The purpose was to make children learn fast, easily, and without any stress.

Indian Abacus Products
The products include:
· Indian Abacus – Non-digital for students
· Indian Abacus – Digital for students
· Indian Abacus – Non-digital for Tutors / Teacher and
· Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutor / Teachers.
He says that the ideal age for learning Indian Abacus is 5-13 years when brain development takes place.

Where can Indian Abacus be used?
Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed lists the uses of Indian Abacus as helping students to attempt more questions in competitive exams as the mental calculations can be easily applied here. Children develop skills which is a lifetime skill enhancement which makes them to apply the skill in all areas (decision making) throughout their life.

How to introduce Abacus math as a regular subject in schools?
Though there is less knowledge about Abacus among parents and teachers, the trend is slowly changing with many schools introducing Abacus coaching, particularly in government schools.

Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed is introducing a pilot project in Villupuram and Vellore districts of Tamil Nadu for 2500 students and 105 teachers are trained in the basic level of Abacus program to teach Abacus for the children of 5-13 years children of Panchayat Union Middle Schools (PUMS) since 2016.

Mr. N. Basheer Ahamed also feels that Abacus Maths should be introduced in schools as one of the mainstream subjects because it not only increases the speed level of calculations, it also helps students to increase  concentration,  memory power, listening skill, photographic memory, speed, accuracy,  analytical thinking and so on. These benefits will help students to excel in their academic performances.

He wants teachers to encourage students and spread the importance of the same so that it will help students do the basic operations of maths better and score higher marks. Mr. Ahamed concludes with a request to all schools and governments to implement Abacus based mental arithmetic skill development course as part of the academic curriculum in all schools and to encourage more women entrepreneurs.

Contact details:
N Basheer Ahamed
Chairman & Managing Director
Inventor – Indian Abacus
Indian Abacus Private Limited
No: A1-1857, 13th Main Road, 6th Avenue
Anna Nagar West
Chennai 600 040 Email: admin@indianabacus.com
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