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Looking for the perfect place to learn, create and express music? Octavium Music Academy, founded in 2013 in Bangalore, has a current student strength of 350. “Housing a new age academy, performance space and a pro recording studio that has live band recording capability,” Ocatavium is considered a holistic music centre to fulfil everyone’s aspirations.

Mr. Kedar Nayak is the Founder and CEO of the organization.

4 Octavium Founder Kedar Nayak

Coming from a musically inclined family, Mr. Kedar Nayak is the Bassist of Dr. Prakash Sontakke Group and has vast experience of working with many music bands. He spent much time working on technology, consulting and training as an entrepreneur before starting Octavium.

The vision of Octavium is:
· To provide quality music education within an environment that nurtures every student’s aspiration.
· Providing learning enclosures for various instruments along with technology and development process.
· Course content revolving around contemporary music.
· Encouraging students to go for new experience through participation in activities outside the classroom.

4 Octavium Group 
A post event snapshot of the Octavium family including mentors & students 

Courses Offered at the Academy
· Tie up with Mr. Shankar Mahadevan Academy to teach Hindustani Vocal programs.
· Teaching Western vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Piano and Drums.

Modus Operandi at Octavium
· Providing individual attention with batches limited to four per instruments like Contemporary western singing, Guitar, and Keyboard and two for Piano and Drums.
· Continuous monitoring and improvement of the structured curriculum.
· Practice schedules and assignments during an hour-long class per week.
· Hosting regular concerts, workshops, and lectures to make students learn beyond classrooms.
· Deserving students also get to use our pro-recording studio where their music is captured, videos are produced and showcased on their social media channels.

Best moments and challenges
· It is a moment of pride to see students taking instruments for the first time, learn them, perform, record, and create too.
· Continuous discussions with musicians in Ocavium on topics related to music and other subjects to make learning enjoyable.
· There is something musical going on all the time and that is thoroughly enjoyable too.
· Challenges include implementing needed processes in a creative environment and the heavy taxes levied on students. Mr. Kedar Nayak feels there should be exemptions to them.
· Despite the challenges, Octavium tries to solve the problems and focus on quality and holistic music education.
· Mr. Kedar Nayak believes that it is not the content but the methods being used to teach music theory that throw up both teaching and learning challenges.

4 Octavium 4th Anniversary-small Octavium 4th Anniversary


Usage of Technology
· Teachers are already using technology to keep abreast with their students.
· Technology is used to help in assignments and submitting the same.
· Used for more meaningful discussions and to make the methods and content more effective.

Arts in Curriculum
Arts in India have alot of history and culture attached to them and schools should get exposure to arts. Mr. Kedar Nayak thinks that students should be encouraged to learn and experience performing art forms to create well-rounded individuals from the school level. Though India is quite far off from those foreign universities that offer music electives to engineering students, Mr. Kedar Nayak is happy that things are certainly changing here.

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Octavium Music Academy
No. 227, 3rd Floor, 3rd Main, 4th A Cross,
Panduranga Nagar,
Off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560076 Ph: 088840 60688