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Cocomoco Kids is an educational games start-up based in Kalkaji, New Delhi. Armed with a background in digital advertising, Priyanka Prabhakar partnered with Shitij, an Engineer running an eLearning content firm. Their shared love for Travel and Geography resulted in Cocomoco Kids which makes travel inspired games, maps and DIY activities for kids in the age group 2-12 years.

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CocoMoco Kids –The Idea
CocoMoco Kids makes learning fun through the joy of a toy. Our educational games cover the elementary A.G.E.S areas (Artistic, Growth, Experiential, and Smart) and are powered by our unique K.I.D ideology.
Designed to foster curiosity through the joy of a toy, all our games and activities enhance visual- spatial coordination, critical thinking, and visual perception to hone the child’s insight at a tender age. All this in turn leads to overall development while making sure children don’t miss out on the fun.

We keep in mind what kids need to learn, what parents want their kids to learn to be precise. We ensure that the game is fun – learning should be subtle. We test our games with kids once concept and design are ready, we run a survey with parents to ensure we’re creating something useful before designing. Most of our games are on geography. We have started making games on other topics like English, Math and other DIY activities. We really concentrate on good design and quality.

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The Must-Have Game is The World Box (which includes a passport, travel scrapbook, Interactive world map with stickers and country trump cards).

Inspiration Behind CocoMoco Kids
Stores across shelves are stocked with the same games that we played as kids, that’s when we realised there’s a huge scope for creating new games. Besides that, parents are actively looking for innovative games to keep their kids busy and they’re finding ways to restrict digital time spent by kids.

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Our love for travel led us to make games for kids to inspire them to learn about the world. Priyanka says “what inspired me most is creating new games – from conceptualizing, designing, testing to manufacturing is a lot fun. When kids pester their parents to buy our products we are most flattered. The feeling is better than winning any industry awards.”

Going International
Over the last three years we have proudly taken our ‘Made in India’ games to more countries like USA, Canada, Singapore and Dubai.

We have also showcased our products at the World Toy Fair twice and won awards such as Best Non tech startup by Startup Leadership Boston 2016, Best Made in India Games by Kidsstoppress two years in a row and Parents & Kids Choice Award by Rivokids.

For more details and to buy the products, please visit:
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