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Hermann Gmeiner School, a co-educational school based in Varanasi since 1990 is a child centered/care based school managed and run by SOS Children’s Villages of India, New Delhi. Mr. Paul P. V. has headed the institution since 28 June 2007. Affiliated to CBSE, the primary focus of the school is to care for abandoned and needy children.

1 Hermann Gmeiner School award

Global Sustainable School Award 2017 for promoting UN Sustainable Goals through Education in the academic year of 2016-17 

School Facilities
Hermann Gmeiner School operates with:
· Technology integrated Classrooms in association with Extra- Marks
· Fully equipped science labs
· Specialised Maths labs
· Coaching in sports and games and martial arts
· Classes in Music and Dance.
· Digital library
· A mobile app for stakeholders
The school provide a lot of opportunities to the students during the morning assembly to share their views on various burning issues in the form of debates, speeches etc. They also conduct competitions like extempore speech, debate, elocutions, JAM etc. which develop their oratory skills and build their confidence in public speaking. In addition, the students participate in various inter school debate/speech competitions.

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The School Vision
Mr. Paul says, “I would like to see my school after 5 years as the most sought after school in this area with all types of facilities and amenities for the students and parents. A School where students have the freedom for research, takes up various projects, students and staff is not bound by bell, where students can pursue any discipline of their choice for the development of their innate talents. Teachers and principal’s role is limited to facilitating learning. I dream of a school that caters to every educational need of students for their all-round development such that character building becomes the essence of education.”

An Efficient Teacher System
Periodical capacity building workshops and refresher courses are conducted for increasing the efficiency of the teaching staff. Also team building exercises are conducted for enhancing their commitment level. Skill assessment of teachers are done in order to identify and develop various pedagogical skills in the teachers. They all act as a role model for the students when it comes to the discipline, punctuality and regularity.

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School Performance
The school has reached new heights in all fields- Numbers, technology, Board results, self-sustenance etc. We have been giving 100% pass results in the board exams for the last 3 years. The school has become self-sustaining and has about 1750 students on its rolls now.
We focus on co-curricular activities too. We had hosted the CBSE National Football (Girls) in Dec 2016.
Students are given opportunities to participate in various Olympiads, competitions at state and national levels.
We have developed a thematic curriculum for students of primary classes under the guidance of our Education Department.

Adult Literacy Programs
We inculcate a sense of social responsibility in our students through our Adult Literacy Programs. We have chosen 3 villages nearby the school and about 100 adults are made literate by our students. They go to these villages on every Wednesday and teach the illiterate adults. Our students also take up various awareness programs on social issues in the villages and local govt. primary schools.

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Contact Details:
Hermann Gmeiner School
Daniyalpur, Chaubeypur , Varanasi 221104
Tel: +91-542-2615266  Mobile: + 91 9506032951