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Anand Niketan Shilaj Campus, established in 1996, is an Ahmedabad-based, English Medium, Co-Educational School affiliated to ICSE and ISC Board. Lamiya Shums, the current Director of Anand Niketan Shilaj has been associated with the Anand Niketan group of schools for over 11 years now.

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Ms. Shums says, “Anand Niketan has been around long enough to know how to develop the quotient of happiness among children towards learning. We have organically developed the expertise needed to create a child friendly education setup.

We offer combination of Academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Our focus is on excellence in teaching and learning across the range of academic and other physical and motor development. Our unique Sports based environment enhances skills motivation, focus, determination, teamwork, leadership and potential to do more.
Unlike other schools, we recognize that there are infinite things to learn in this world and we all learn best, when we are interested in what we are learning. The whole world is the curriculum for human beings.” As Jon Steward rightly said, “There is no core curriculum. The whole world is an elective.

The Vision
I am an educator who is passionate about changes in education system. There is much work to do to improve schools across the globe. My dream is to create an environment where teaching methods vary from the use of contemporary techniques to out of the class experiences. These experiences are important because they do not confine the students to the four walls of a classroom.

Focusing on the strengths of the child is as important as recognizing any weakness. Encouraging children to explore their strengths and passion (and take healthy risk sometimes) can be a real self-esteem booster. Key ways that young minds learn include playing, communicating with the other people, being active, experimenting with new things, exploring new ideas and meeting their physical and mental challenges.

IT Tools for Teachers & Students
The education system has taken a quantum leap, so to be at par and to be updated with the information, the schools need the support of various IT tools and gadgets.
The school has given each teacher a laptop which they can use for various presentation, lesson planning, gathering information etc. They also use it for collaborative work or in conjunction with the projectors. ICT has significant impact on teaching and learning process.

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The school has well equipped computer labs. Computer education in schools plays an important role in student’s career development. We provide round the clock internet access to the students. Internet is a powerful tool now days to learn new skills and more advanced versions of current topics. Children also enjoy digital drawings and paintings with the effective IT tools. Most of our classrooms are also IT enabled. School also has implemented a digital messaging system to make the communication between the school and the parents more effective. School also has a centralized information system.

Facing Challenges
There are always common problems like lack of funding and other resources, opposition from forces in the community and some interpersonal problems. Social, economic and political forces also result in some challenges at times. While leadership presents the opportunity to demonstrate the best of what we are, it also exposes our limitations. In many cases, I have to overcome these limitations in order to transmit and follow the vision and mission of our school. Like many of leaders, I have also faced some common challenges like; public criticism, crisis (which could be tied to finances and resources), disasters, opposition from powerful forces, resistance from other leaders and many more but I have always worked on my strategies and used them to cope up with these internal and external challenges.

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