T.V. Ramprasadh & Indira Kadambi, eAmbalam and Life Art Education K-12, Chennai

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Established in 1989, Ambalam is a premier institution in performing arts and wellness. eAmbalam is its online college for music, dance, yoga and guided meditation. Founded by the husband-wife duo T.V. Ramprasadh and Indira Kadambi, Ambalam is based in Chennai. Their latest programme, Life Art Education, spearheaded by the artistic couple, is geared towards teaching Life skills to school students.

eAmbalam’s Life Art Education, India’s pioneering K-12 Life Skills program, integrates Music, Dance, Yoga and Personality Development in the school curriculum. It includes Content, Teachers, Audit, Assessment, Feedback from school and parents – all integrated into a final Life Art Report.

About the Founders

Amabalam Life Art

T.V.Ramprasadh, Founder & CEO, is a prominent Carnatic classical vocalist with over 35 years of performing experience and 28 years of teaching experience.

Indira Kadambi, Founder & Director, is a brilliant performer and intelligent choreographer known for her sprightly style and abhinaya. She has carved a niche for herself as one of the foremost exponents of Bharatanatyam today with over 35 years of experience.

The Thought Behind Life Art Education

Ramprasadh says, “If we see the present increase in conflict, stress, depression, broken relationships and ill health in our present society, it is a grim reminder of where schools need to focus on correcting the course they are following. In 2014, Life Art Education was born with this vision – that of empowering the children with traditional Indian interventions to transform bodies and mind.”

How Life Art Education Benefits Children

    • By making the children see the connection between arts and life…how they are interconnected.
    • By making them work on art forms not for performance or for competitions but to understand values in
      depth and internalize it over a period of time.
    • By providing age appropriate values
    • By providing the much needed answers to questions which often the present school system or the home
      environment are unable to answer
    • By enabling the child to start looking inward. The child is able to begin to gaze inward, beginning the
      very important aspect of self- introspection in his/her life.
    • By helping the child get over rejection, helping him/her build healthy friendships, build self-esteem,
      overcome adolescence related confusions, helping them in critical thinking, decision making, self-
      motivation etc.

Challenges Faced

Mr. Ramprasadh says talks about how difficult it is to convince school principals and teachers to adopt the programme. He says, “It is extremely difficult to get school heads to adopt the program as they are not able to see the bigger picture. They are not able to see how all the four elements are blended in a manner that not only they get a very high quality education in Music, Dance, Yoga and Personality Development, but also there is an icing on top of the cake, that of witnessing a sea of change in the values, attitudes and behavior of children in a matter of 3-4 years.

Many schools restrict their vision towards an annual showcase, competitions. There are some others who do the math.

The students from the schools we interact with have shown a marked improvement in the short time by their acceptance to all the elements of the program and a marked change in their presence in the school and at home.”

For more information, please visit http://www.lifearteducation.in/

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