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Sunshine Prep./High School located in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, headed by Mrs. Neelam Singh as the Principal, is functioning under The Sunshine Educational And Cultural Development Society’ registered under Society Act 21, 1860 with motto to impart quality education since 1984 & following CBSE, NCERT Syllabus with English medium except Hindi & Sanskrit.

Mrs. Neelam Singh joined Sunshine Prep./High School in 1985 as an English teacher and later went on to become the Principal of the school.

Mrs Neelan Singh Sunshine School

Method of Education

There have been a great number of pedagogical changes in the education system and teaching learning pattern worldwide, which has resulted in new expectations towards teaching and role of teachers. We focus on child centred learning experiences. We link academic learning to real world experiences. We have well identified and planned hobby development programmes for slow learners. We inculcate moral values, make our students aware towards environment and needs of the society and gradually groom them to be a responsible citizen of the nation.

We provide the teaching environment through various audio/visuals, so that our students may become competent to face the new digital world outside the country.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our motto is good education with strict discipline. Our school organizes different academic activities such as quiz, debate, speech, academic exhibition, school captain election, cultural programmes related to the burning topics of the present society and so on.

Several programmes are organized by various clubs of the school keeping in mind the local and national issues. Programmes like ‘Safe travel guidance, ‘World health day’, ‘Nutrition week celebration’ etc are organized. Special remedial classes are organized for ‘slow bloomers’.

Staff Evaluation

Teachers are evaluated annually. Our evaluation considers multiple measures of performance and teachers impact on students’ academic graph. Frequent observation and constructive critical feedback is taken from the parents and students. Classroom observation by administrators, rigourous observation based on evidence of students learning is done. We prioritize performance area that have the greatest impact on students’ achievement.

Parent Profiles

Mrs. Singh says, “We ensure that our students are a mix of different communities and different economic backgrounds.  As our student families belong to upper, middle & lower middle classes, so we have fixed very reasonable fee structure so that everyone in our society can get the benefit of our good education by getting admission of their ward/ wards.”

Mrs. Singh concludes by saying, “Teachers lay the foundation stone of every student’s life. They play an integral part in moulding & carving the attitude and personality of the student. In this dynamic world, a teacher must keep pace with the changes happening all around  to be a better guide for his/her student to face the challenges of their lives which Sunshine teacher does and prepare  students for the better life and career and this has been proved by our alumni not only in our country but also in abroad as many fields such as academic, Science &  Technology, Medical, Public Administration etc.”

Sunshine Prep./High School
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