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Mody School, an exclusive English medium residential school for girls is functioning at Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan. The school, with its global outlook, helps students to develop open-mindedness and understanding. Students learn to be “responsible, productive and creative citizens of the world and cultivate in them the skills to think globally, reason critically and communicate effectively.”

Ms. Meeta Sharma is the Principal of the school associated with the institute since April 2016. The school is deemed to be a premier institute for girls’ education in the region.

Meeta Sharma

Locale of the school

  • The school has a beautiful landscape of “waterfalls, gushing fountains, orchards, lush green lawns, forest belts, and water bodies.”
  • About 265 acres of green campus consisting of a number of variety of trees and plants
  • 81 species of birds and 12 species of butterflies add to the beauty of the campus
  • Absolutely safe for girls

Unique features

  • Emphasis on Indian culture as well as internationalism
  • Sanskrit and scriptures like Bhagvad Geeta, Hanuman Chalisa, and Ram Charit Manasa taught from lower classes
  • Foreign languages and activities like “Round Square, MUN, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” to develop internationalism.
  • Values and serving the society prime focus of the school
  • School follows CBSE and IB DP curriculum
  • Wards of parents ranging from service class to business class admitted
  • Developing skilled public speaking by encouraging girls to participate “in activities like inter and intra school debates, extempore, recitations, declamations, etc.”

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  • Students get opportunity “to express their views or share their experiences in the school assembly.”
  • Being a Cambridge English School, it provides “girls with the opportunity to take exams like PET, FCE, and CAE wherein their speaking skills are also assessed.”

About Teachers

  • Teachers have freedom “to suggest any changes for the betterment of the students and school and of course for their own self.”
  • Official platform of “Chambers” –a 20 minute get-together on every Wednesday where information is exchanged between the teachers and management.
  • Open mindedness among teachers and principal
  • Work load divided equally to exhibit their calibre
  • Proper entertainment at regular intervals
  • Self-appraisal form submitted by teachers to help management decide accordingly

Advantage to Students

  • Mody School helps students to pass various examinations and also develop moral values and kindness
  • They are ready to face any challenge in life
  • Students will shortly be climbing Mt Everest also
  • Girls are made bold and strong
  • Students get the best teachers and coaches to get their best in co-curricular activities


  • Declared the first among all girls’ residential schools category in Rajasthan and fourth in India
  • Authorised YES centre for The International Award for Young People
  • Accredited by NABET

Contact with parents

  • Parents updated about their wards’ welfare and achievement which is communicated by letters every month
  • Letters from teachers and wardens sent apart from mails
  • Parents-Teachers meet to discuss the children’s performance every month
  • Transparent to parents and their queries and doubts solved to win their trust


  • Best educational on par with other countries for women
  • To see the school on national map

Ms. Meeta Sharma concludes, As the head of the school, challenges will always be on my platter. To overcome and take them positively will only make my dream for the school come true.”

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Contact details:
Mody School
Dist. Sikar (Rajasthan) – 332311
Landline No. : 01573-225001 (12 Lines) Ext. No. 294
Mobile: +91-9587018148