Dr. Md. Athar – Kendriya Vidyalaya, Samastipur

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Kendriya Vidyalaya, located in Samastipur, was established in 1981 and comes under the KVS, New Delhi and caters “to the educational needs of the employees of Samastipur division.” Wards of local people and state government employees are admitted here. The school is known for offering high quality education and setting the pace for progress.


Dr. Md. Athar is the Principal in charge of the school and is keen that the wards of all categories, right from officers to commoners, are treated equally. With a Ph.D. on Edward Said after joining the KVS, is satisfied that he is able to achieve the highest results and is appreciated by one and all.

Salient features of the school
· Very conducive environment both academically and co-curricular-wise
· Fees very nominal.
· The fees up till 8th standard is Rs.7200/- annually. From 9th standard to 12th standard tuition fees is realized from male students. A Tuition fees of Rs.200 from standard 9th to 10th and Rs.400 from standard 11th to 12th is realised apart from VVN of Rs.500 p/m.
· Centre of excellence in the country and abroad
· Focus on academics, sports, arts, craft, co-curricular activities and cultural programs

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· Equal opportunity for growth and to become useful citizens of the country
· Students given the task of educating the locals by means of role plays, nukkarnatak to make them aware of their responsibilities and to make them keep the surroundings clean and neat
· CBSE syllabus followed
· Like all KVs, the school is a workshop and lab of “innovation and experimentation for the implementation as far as the school education is concerned.”
· All new schemes designed by NCERT and CBSE first tested and if found suitable, put to practice elsewhere
· School “does not believe and practice for passing the exams only and be a mechanical stereotype person but we make complete human beings who could be useful to their nation particularly and to the world in general.”
· Students well-qualified to handle future situations

About the teachers
· Teachers are well-qualified, trained and are updated more often through workshops, seminars, training courses than other educational institutions.
· Turnover is high and appreciable and is a role model for rest of the schooling system
· Appraisals for teachers done on a day to day basis by measuring in terms of “academics, co-curricular, sports and inter-personal abilities of the teachers.”
· Daily analysis summed up on a yearly basis “assigning grade points to teachers and rating them.”

Role of parents
· Connectivity with parent community is established through website.
· All suggestions are welcome by the administration
· Regular parent teachers meetings conducted to discuss development of students.

For more details visit: http://www.kvsamastipur.org/
Contact details:
Dr. Md. Athar
I/C Principal
K.V.E.C.Rly Samastipur
Pin- 848101
Mob no. 9431497634 / 8210819251