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Robolab Technologies from Pune attempts to change the educational facilities available in India, help students exhibit their skills, implement their ideas and “to create employment for the youth.”The firm works on the vision “empower people by bringing technology to masses.”
Pratik Pravin Deshmukh is the co-founder and director of the firm with the right mix of business skills and technology while Mr. Amol Gulhane is the CEO is a roboticist with “deep experience of designing and manufacturing complex and task specific industrial robots.”

Interview 2 Robo Technologies Amol Gulhane, CEO and CoFounder pic 2 Amol Gulhane – CEO & Co-Founder
About Products, Software, Functioning
· Tinkering Lab includes “educational and learn to do it yourself kits and equipment on science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors, and 3 D printers etc.”
· Products are interactive, easy to handle and specially designed for students.
· Robolab is working on capturing the market with its designs and innovative products.
· It is still on discussing the product idea and making basic sketches
· A resources team to work on focusing the development of the new product
· Prototyping is the stage that takes plenty of time as well as effort but helps in creating an idea for the project
· Rules of the Road evaluates the entire process and milestone to ensure “the overall quality of both the product and the process.”
· Peer review meetings between engineers and design team to improve the design idea
· Production management takes over the production process once the design is finalized and works on ensuring the best for the product.
· Testing done thoroughly for the performance the product
· Packaging of the product will be designed according to the new prototypes. Intensive testing done on how the package opens to give the customers the best experience.

· Students undergo training on “variety of products and systems which helps them gather necessary skillsets and experience to perform on their own in future.”
· Once the training is completed, he “would be technically sound and confident enough to implement his ideas in future.”
· Internships and special trainings offered to exceptional students
Usage of robots
· Robots may help in industries such as Aerospace, agriculture, construction, energy, food, health care, military, pharmaceutical and mining.
· In case of small and medium industries, robots help in producing higher quantity within short span of time.
· They work at constant speed without any breaks, work in hazardous conditions, and applications with more repeatability than humans.

Future plans
“Develop an ecosystem by establishing Tinkering Labs at institutions which also gives students access to technology, provides necessary resources, trainings and cultivates innovation by motivating students to solve real life challenges.”

Honours won
· Start-up India initiative which was launched by Honourable Prime Minister
· Start-up of the Year Under Future Education category at World StartUp Expo 2016, Bengaluru
· Winner of HOT100 Start-up Award by CORE
· Featured in Top50 Ed-Start-ups in India that will redefine the education system by SCOONEWS media
· Featured in Top25 Tech Companies in India by Insights Success Media
· Selected as best start-up in the year 2017 by The Economic Times
· Featured in leading media and newspapers of India

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Robolab Technologies Pvt Ltd
BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
College Of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra 411005
Email: , Phone: +91 7028 257 052