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Genext Students, from Mumbai, is India’s No.1 Hybrid Tutoring Platform and has the benefit of combining private tutoring with technology enabled learning. Online and offline content along with very high quality home tutors is available at the doorstep of students with features such as “tutor discovery, search, and allocation happens through technology, the last mile delivery of lectures and classes happens in person at the students’ house”.

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Mr. Ali Asgar Kagzi is the co-founder of Genext Students. With B.Tech and Master’s degree in Management and Strategy from London, he believes that technology can bridge gaps and deliver good results in education. A highly competent team including alumni of IITs and Harvard with high level experience in education operate in 4 cities in India with main management from Mumbai.

How Genext works
· When a parent wants a tutor, their requirements are fed into the system and the “AI based matching algorithm searches for the right tutor for the child from near his/her vicinity.”
· Free demo held in the student’s place and a short benchmark test conducted to assess the child’s study level, strength and weakness.
· Tutor understands the student and customizes his teaching methodology
· Upon satisfaction of parents, the tutor starts teaching as per the schedule with “online and offline study content, assessment tools, reports of which are available on the tutor and parent app in real time, on the go.”

Attitude of parents and schools towards online teaching
· Genext is into Hybrid home tutoring which means “final tutoring sessions are delivered in person.”
· Technology is used for parents, students and tutors to get the maximum benefit.
· Genext believes that technology should “empower the tutor to deliver better learning outcomes.”
· Schools know the power of technology in the field of education and already many of them are using technology in various fields such as “smart classes, tablet based learning, apps for interaction with parents, etc.”

When online learning is needed for a student
· It is difficult to define when a student needs online learning. “That’s because every child is unique and has different individual requirements and preferences.”
· Many kids are of late finding it comfortable to use technology from an early age as against the scenario a few years back.

How Genext is unique
Genext ensures:
. Branded and verified tutor
· Proprietary Genext content
· Study from comfort and safety of home
· Update to parents
· Replacement guarantee
· Study Content App with “study notes, past sample papers, assessments tests, and performance analysis reports, all accessible on-the-go”

Selection of Tutors
· Offering equal opportunity to those passionate about teaching
· Multi-level on-boarding process for tutors
· Tutors have to submit relevant documents and profile for verification, “take language and proficiency tests for us to assess their capabilities.”
· After assessment call, orientation workshops, and skill development workshops, the person becomes a “GenextTutorpreneur” to take up tutoring sessions.
· Tutors trained to teach students with special needs are also available

Future of Online Education
· Many innovative solutions implemented to make learning fun.
· In the next few years impact of technology will be felt in rural areas.

To conclude, Mr. Ali Asgar Kagzi advises the young entrepreneurs to have self-confidence and to be flexible. “It is your bad days which will teach you the best lessons. So, don’t be bogged down by failures.”

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