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Scuba Love is located in Mumbai where children undergo pool training and get dive-ready for a Scuba-diving holiday! Scuba Love is a PADI and SSI dive resort and center that organizes trips to the “most fascinating dive destinations in the world”. The organization has two dive resorts in the islands of Havelock and Neil, Andamans, India.

The hospitality partner Sea Shell helps in offering a 5 star Dive experience. The firm wants children to “learn and grow together in a new environment with different experiences.”

Jurgen Van Duffel, the co-owner of the organisation says, “We are a One-Stop-Dive-Shop. Our philosophy is that everyone can learn how to dive. All our dive leaders are trained to the highest international standards. We train everyone like a fish to be a safe, comfortable and excellent diver!”

Unique features
· All the dive leaders are trained to match international standards.
· Everyone is trained to be a “safe, comfortable, and excellent diver”
· Kids of 12 years of age and above can join the camp as “their levels of concentration, physical readiness, and understanding of physics are more suited to learn scuba dive.”
· Only 4 students per dive leader for individual attention to suit everyone’s needs and challenges
· The participants are looked after with care and attention and made to feel at home and have fun during the process
· The students get the best experience and turn into best divers with memories lasting forever
· Teaching methods are adjusted to suit everybody and to ensure they finish the course

What students learn
· Introduction to kids to Marine Conservation and Ecology.
· They learn about oceans, health indicators and inhabitants
· “We teach them how to breathe from the regulator or breathing device, control their buoyancy and to maintain certain level underwater.”
· Great fin kicking
· How to manage water getting into their mask and how to handle fish
· Each one gets many chances to practise and learn sign language

Other activities and workshops
· For those who do not know swimming, Discover Scuba Dive or introduction to Scuba to understand and get awareness of what Scuba is like
· For those who know swimming they have multiple day course to learn diving with 3 modules. “The theory focuses on the science of diving…the confined training teaches the kids in a controlled environment all skills they need to know as a scuba diver for their safety or comfort and 4 dives are completed in the open sea where we assess them on their diving and skills.”
· Reward of certification is given to them to dive in a certain depth anywhere in the world.

Handling the varying temperaments of children
· Boundaries are set for everyone, clear instructions and directions given
· Each child is encouraged to participate and complete the tasks.
· Nobody is compelled to continue
· Since guides and teachers come with the students, continuous interaction done to inform about the progress.

Pleasant memories
Mr. Jurgen Van Duffel says, “I have been teaching scuba for more then 10 years. Some of the kids I trained started off at a young age, progressed over the years by diving at different dive destinations with their parents, growing as a diver by conducting different courses, and eventually signed up to do a professional course to become a dive leader themselves.

The amazing part of teaching scuba is that we introduce them to a new and fascinating world, offering inspiration to study marine biology, travel the world or add to their skill set to become a teacher and leader themselves. Scuba diving connects people, goes cross-gender and cross-cultural, and makes one grow as an individual!”
He concludes saying, “Children are the ones where we can plant the seeds to make a change for the better: reduce our carbon footprint, and respect nature!”

For more information, please visit: www.scubalov.in
Contact details:
Scuba Loving Dive & Travel Pvt Ltd,
41A Twin Towers,off VS Marg, Prabhadevi,
Mumbai 400025 Email: dive@scubalov.in
Ph: +91-(0)98925 83615 (Jurgen – owner)
Ph: +91-(0)98923 11024 (Mandira – owner)
Ph: +91-(0)98205 34981 (Shernaz – enquiries & bookings)