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Asha Kiran, meaning “Ray of Hope” is a very popular school for children of special needs and is located in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore.

Established in 1993 by Ms. Rita James, the school aims at making every challenged child “a responsible member of society by developing their individual skills and abilities.” It promotes inclusive education for challenged children and for normal children, all under one roof.

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Inspired by Dr. Mrs N.M. Williams, one of the founders of Mount Carmel Schools in New Delhi, Ms. Rita has equipped herself from USA and UK to teach the special children and simply enjoys the love of the children and the way they transform. Asha Kiran is ranked among the five best schools in India for special education. It is also awarded the best Study Centre for Special Needs Students.

Received the Mukta Vidya National Award for best Accridited Institution (SAIED) of NIOS for the year 2016.

Asha Kiran aims at:
· Providing education of high standard and to help in overall development of the child
· Creating general awareness for integration of such children in the society
· Offering vocational training to the children to be independent when they are grown
· Catering to the needs of these God sent children

· “Speech / Auditory Training for the Hearing Impaired
· Remedial Education to slow learners/learning difficulties
· Offer basic education for the intellectually challenged
· Aid socially/economically disadvantaged children pursue an education
· Counsel Special Needs children and their parents
· Vocational training to all eligible students
· Seminars and workshops, for the dissemination of knowledge, for the benefit of Special Needs Children, Parents, Teachers, and the world they encounter: Awareness is a pre-requisite in a Society challenged with its own formalities.”
· Teacher-student ratio is 1:8 for highly personalized attention to each child
· Parents, in particular mother are involved in the training process
· Preparing children to take on higher studies or vocational courses so that they can be independent as much as possible

· Inclusive education is provided
· Theory of Multiple Intelligence in teaching children
· Games, music, drama, dance, outdoor activities and quizzes conducted to make the children under the subjects taught.

· Ms. Rita says, “The mind set of our society that the special children are curse from God, to be neglected because of shame etc. Bringing parents to the point of accepting their child as he/she is the greatest challenge.”
· Much time is spent on counselling the parents and training them to handle these kids.
· A special course for the parents called “Independent Living” is conducted for parents

· Each child is unique in his/her own ways. “By doing assessments, both psychological and observing the talents in the child.”
· Learning system is interactive to help the child express what he/she likes or dislikes
· Interaction with parents about their child’s interest
Ms. Rita advices the society to “see each child through clear glasses as a child not through the dark glasses of labels. Be patient, love them unconditionally.” The school is completing 25 years of service to the special children. She wants everyone to “befriend one special child and his/her family and I can assure you this world will be a better place.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.ashakiran.net/
Contact Details:
Asha Kiran Special Needs School
212, Esther Garden, Jayanthi Nagar to Ramamurthy
Nagar Road, Hormavu, Bangalore 560 016.
E-mail: ashakirantrust@gmail.com Mobile 9341262237
Phone No:  080 25315597/ 080 65616160