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Asmi Gandhi has been the Head of the Pre-primary section of Ahmedabad based Olive Green Kids School since 2006. The school caters to children in the age-group 1.6 years – 6 years.

Ms. Gandhi ran her own pre-school for over 20 years before this. She talks to us about her life, her experiences and more.

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Significance of pre-school education
Talking about the relevance and significance of pre-school education, Ms. Gandhi says, “Pre-school education is very important in today’s fast moving world. Children live in nuclear families, they do not have company of their own age group, so their social skills do not develop, and they are, all the time, fearful with strangers. Parents these days do not have enough time for their kids, since they are working or they are so busy with their social life, in this case the child gets neglected and the child’s curiosity is not nurtured, thus the need of a preschool education.”

Concept based curriculum
Ms. Gandhi believes that a concept based method of study has the greatest impact and says, “We have concept based curriculum, so all topics are covered in the whole year. Moreover we talk about moral values, love and respect for everyone around us. Good manners and behavior is our basic training in school to all kids. Sharing and caring for all around us is also a part of our child development course. We also talk about money matters and currency in our country as well as outside the country. In our co-curricular activity we also have yoga, art and craft, football and importance of sleep.”

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Running a good pre-school comes with its own fair share of challenges. Ms. Gandhi elaborates, “Pre-school education sector is facing the problem of trained teachers. Anyone who has time wants to do job in a pre-school. We should have training centers for teachers and appoint only trained teachers, or a person who is well experienced for at least 5 to 7 years. Good teachers are poorly paid and people who are influential happen to make their way inspite of the fact that they are not having any knowledge about the pre-school.

I have come across, challenging kids, who have some health problems, there were parents who had some emotional issues which would affect the students, some parents had financial problems, whatever was the situation; I have always supported my parents, students and teachers. The only thing which I feel needs to be improved is that there needs to be some kind of registration with the government, to take a permission while opening a pre-school, some kind of follow up from educational authorities, to check how well the school is functioning.

To share is to care
The concept of sharing with the less fortunate needs to be inculcated at an early age. “We call for one rupee coin every day from kids home, they come to school and put it in the collection box. On Diwali or Christmas we open the box and with all the money collected we go to an underprivileged kids school and share with them food, toys, games or clothes and stationery. In this way we show our kids that every child is not fortunate to have everything, and we should share our things with everyone.”

Ms. Gandhi concludes by saying, “My journey has been full of good and bad experiences, but leaving aside all the woes of life, I personally have enjoyed and felt completely satisfied with the job I am doing. I love counseling kids, parents and teachers.”

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