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CATS LC, a premier creative skills learning centre located in Shivaji Nagar, Pune, is focused on teaching
children to develop the creative skills within them. CATS LC exposes students to plenty of topics using problem based learning and game play methodology. Children learn while playing, dancing, singing, and acting. Deep discussions with their teachers or peers on different subjects are encouraged.

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Shraddha Shah is the founder of CATS LC with over 15 years of experience in the arena of education and has developed different age-appropriate curriculums.

· The centre focuses on “designing and developing customized holistic educational curriculums to meet creative, innovative and overall academic needs of students.”
· A multi-disciplinary approach to teaching to improve children’s creative skills.
· Teaching revolves around the fact that children can be motivated by satisfaction, challenge, and interest and not by any pressure.
· Assessments are used as a “tool for improvement rather than judgment.”
· Faculty works as metacognitive coaches or facilitators and do not portray themselves as any authoritative sources of knowledge.
· Tests are conducted in a creative friendly atmosphere.
· To continue the development of students when they are away from CATS LC, they contact parents through information sessions to help the students continue the creative thinking.
· Students find out “how their knowledge of sciences or maths can be creatively used in day to day life.”
Students get a chance to explore their synthetic ability to develop high quality ideas, analytical ability to judge ideas and ways to improve them and use the ideas in daily life.

Coping with challenges
CATS LC faces the biggest challenge of working with parents to create a conducive atmosphere at home also for the development of creative thought process. This is not just confined to singing or dancing but for all scientific innovation.

Managing varied temperaments of children
CATS LC accepts children with all their varied temperaments and thereby understand their problems.
When that is done, “we deal with it through an individual approach.”
The principle of the school is that no two children are alike and so the temperaments should be nurtured to become the best.

Other activities/workshops
Shraddha says that CATS LC organizes three different camps:
· Around the World to discover countries in the world and learn about music, culture, and art
· Imagine and Invent to kindle children’s imagination and bring it to life with the help of craft, modelling, and arts.
· Tales to tell to take them to a make belief world, to visit new places, to meet new people, and carry memories to remember
The camps are meant to offer encouragement for the imagination and creativity of children.
Inspiring testimonies from parents
· “Transformed into a confident, well-spoken extrovert”
· “Gained both in confidence and character”
· “Amazing fruitful journey with CATS”
· “They feel very loved very secure and very comfortable”
· “Encourages kids to think creatively and makes learning fun”

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Contact details:
CATS learning centre
1146, Surashree apt, flat no. 7,
Lakaki road, next to central bank of India,
Model colony, Shivajinagar, Pune 411016 Phone: 09860892287