Shilpa Solanki – The Harmony Tree, Pune

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Located at Sopan Baug, Pune, The Harmony Tree pre-school offers a “stimulating, nurturing, and joyous
environment.” The children learn through hands on experience, team work and plenty of art, music, dance and role play. The school aims at working on a child-oriented curriculum to contribute in creating a ‘whole individual.’

Shilpa-Solanki The Harmony Tree
Ms. Shilpa Solanki is the Principal of the school and has an extensive experience in the field of education by teaching at various levels in different schools.

What Harmony Tree is about:
· The school program works on the theory “that is developmentally appropriate, supported by best practices, and delivered by experienced, well-meaning and approachable team.”
· Offers a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.
· Children feel accepted as they are and learn to trust others around them.
· Children learn to express without inhibitions
· Children in the age group of 1-6 years are taught.
· Teacher-student ratio is 1:7. For some summer camps it is 1:10 while it is 1:7 for others.
· Children learn to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude. They also learn new hobbies and interest in different topics and themes.
· They understand about sharing, working and playing in groups and have the choice to learn what they like most.
· They learn to “express, to think, to explore, to question, to grow, to learn new things, and to have fun.”
· The school works on nurturing each child for a “more purposeful tomorrow.”

· Large Spacious Campus (23,000 sqft area)
· Thoughtfully Designed Learning Spaces
· Sound and Meaningful Program
· Child-Centred and Child-Led Activities
· Healthy Child: Adult Ratio
· Trained and Approachable Team
· Active Parental Involvement
· Individualised Attention and Plan

Coping with challenges
It is really challenging to make to parents and children choose from the wide range of choices before them. Harmony Tree helps them identify the children’s interest and explain the various camps offered by them.
Other activities conducted
Activities and workshops are conducted all through the year for children of varied age groups and adults too.
· Wonder Spa Summer Camp is for toddlers of 1-2 years of age. They learn to play, dance, imagine, think and create.
· Tell me Why Summer Camp is meant for 3-7 year old kids who are curious to learn? They learn to improve their communication skills, thinking skills and social skills with the help of “hands-on activities, science experiments, and more.”
· Stand Alone Workshops are for kids of 8 and above years conducted by specialists in fields such as dance, flameless cooking, D.I.Y, Terracotta art, fabric paining and photography.
· Devil’s Advocate workshop is conducted for 5 days for children of 9 years and above. They work on listening skills, how to be confident, fearless and debate on anything that attracts them.

Managing the temperament of children
The team is “trained and well-versed in understanding of child psychology and are equipped with strategies and resources to handle varied temperaments of each child.”
Memorable occasion
“The most important moment each day for us is that most children do not want to leave the premises and go home at the end of the day. That for us, is a biggest reward.”

For more information, please visit:
Contact details:
Survey # 67/B/8, Ravi Farms,
Behind Mudliar Corporation School,
Sopan Baug, Pune 411001
Ph: +91 20 26711043