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Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, Sukesh Madaan and Abhishek Singh are the founders of EVOXYZ in Gurgaon that developed a software called Evoschool to ensure the safety of school-going children.

Evoschool is a location tracking and communication means connecting school, teachers, students and their parents. It starts tracking the child and his safety and security right from the moment he leaves home for school till he returns.
Also it helps in administration and academic tasks.

EVOXYZ ShilpaPic Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar got the inclination to develop the software after witnessing an incident that happened to a child well-known to her. She wanted to use her knowledge to fight for the safety of children.
She says, “Our whole child safety ecosystem is based on precise accurate location and communication of that location to the right people at the right time.”

Salient features of Evoschool
· Very safe technology for usage of children
· Not only precise location of the children at all times, it also provides smart alerts to parents when any untoward incident is about to happen to take quick action and prevent the same

· Children wear EvoTag all the time and this acts as a personal guard.
· School staff, teachers, and parents get the mobile app to keep them updated about the kids’ whereabouts
· A very intelligent algorithm provides alerts when kids travel in bus or when they are in school.
· “ON” parent school communication module to get alerts about circular, assignments, and school activities
· “Notification to parents and administrators about bus routes, delays, and any other information.”
· Tracking of school attendance of students, automatic attendance logging, and detecting any behavioural changes in children
· Evoschool web to be used by teachers to send communications and improve efficiency and productivity.

Future plans
EVOXYZ has “child safety as a key goal… and to meet that we are coming up with a new solution through which we will be able to ensure global child safety. The wearable will be available through online retail channels and would work anytime, anywhere.”
Ms. Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar wants to point out, “Last few years have seen a radical change in the usage of technology for many things like sharing information, media, live video streaming, so on so forth. While all these technological advances are being used heavily for Entertainments of Social Sharing, there is no focus in using these advances for social causes. Evoxyz is trying to bring this change. We intend to use technology for deep social impact and this is a submission from us to all fellow entrepreneurs to work in this direction.”

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