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Budding Explorers, an entity of Mystic Wild Pvt Ltd, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, is all about encouraging children to explore nature, learn new perspectives, and build life skills. It helps children develop contacts with other kids, learn new hobbies, and become responsible by involving in adventure activities amidst wilderness, away from their homes.

Budding Explorer Karthik Samprathi  Karthik K Samprathi, Co-founder & CEO


Mr. Karthik K Samprathi, Co-founder & CEO of Budding Explorers, started the adventure camps with the sole aim of bringing children out to indulge in adventure activities to develop “physical and mental strength to identify their capacities, develop belief, overcome challenges” and the camps help them come out as winners, better leaders and better survivors of the future.

How Budding Explorers function
· Trained and certified naturalists who have won laurels in Nature and Adventure education are employed.
· Discovering new hobbies such as bird watching, swimming, star gazing, photography, and many more activities.
· Children in the age group of 8-16 which is the formative age to evolve and define life events taken in for the adventures.
· Instructors with experience in adventure sports, doctor on call, male and female instructors experienced in handling children are associated.
· Instructor to kids ratio is 1:5 which “depends on the activity chosen and conducted during camps.”
· No traditional methods are followed but kids are able to identify who they want to be.
· They plan their success paths by participating in the camp activities that include “problem solving, decision making abilities, and learn powerful life lessons when they face challenges that later defines their personal positive development.”
· The attitude of the kids change when they participate in the activities, and learn crisis management, interaction with peers, building up confidence level and get ready for a great future.

Other activities offered
· Adventure and Exploration camps arranged to suit the academic calendars of the schools.
· Day outings, weekend outings and annual school outings for the children
· Adventure Summer and Winter camps for one week, weekends, and short outings involving activities like treks, camping in Karnataka and other places in India and rope activities
· “Nature based practical learning option for schools along with their curriculum.”
· Hobby-based workshops such as star gazing, ant walks, tree walks and bird watching.
· Also kayaking marathons and cycling for various age groups

Managing temperaments of children
Trained staff know that children are under tremendous pressure from the academics and peers and want to have some time out of the same. The staff help them channelize their energies by involving them in various activities and fine-tune their physical and mental abilities.

Challenges faced
Budding Explorers aim at creating awareness on nature and learning how to make the environment a better liveable place by outdoor adventure sports. But sometimes there is either very little knowledge of the adventure sports or reluctance to participate in such activities. The challenge lies in convincing parents to let their children participate. Now there are many parents and kids who are keen about taking part of the adventure camps.

A Memorable Incident
Mr. Karthik says, “One such incident involved a boy who had developed complexes because of change of cities, he withdrew from studies and was reluctant in conversing with anyone other than his parents. He attended one of our camps through his school and decided to come for more camps with us and within months – we could see notable changes in his persona, he was evidently brighter, picked up studies, made new friends and even began to appreciate the current city he was in.”

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Contact details:
MYSTIC WILD Private Limited
#15/15, 2nd Floor, 72nd Cross, 5th Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560010
Ph: +91 9886909112
Email: karthik.samprathi@mysticwild.in