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Footprints Daycare and Pre-School Chain located in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida, was launched in 2012 by an
education-oriented team consisting of Mr. Raj Singhal, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, Mr. Purvesh Sharma and Ms.Amita Bhardwaj, with vast experience in the field. Children here get a technology-oriented education, nurtured holistically, and are fed nutritious meals. They are guided into a researched-based curriculum here. The school is of help to working parents, especially women to continue with their careers.

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Unique features of Footprints
· The centre is a place where children enjoy the company of other children
· They “learn fundamental and essential life skills through qualified teachers and caregivers.”
· HighScope research-based early childhood curriculum with emphasis on adult-child interaction is offered.
· Self-reliance in children is strengthened.
· It is never a surprise to see a toddler taking in most information through smells, sounds, and sights.
· They learn to “recognize faces and respond to voices.” Footprints firmly believes that this is the time when “children enrolled have wholesome balanced diets during their time there.”
· Parents also have the option to send in-house prepared food.
· CCTV livestreaming helps parents to watch their child’s activities in their phones and get daily updates through SMS.
· The cost is quite affordable to parents. “It costs about Rs. 1.3 lakhs excluding meals and about Rs. 1.5 lakhs including meals.”
· Footprints teaches children “Values, Healthy food, empathy through story sessions, Hygiene, Family, Plants and green world, Good touch and bad touch know how for safety etc.. along with the current trends at the respective occurring.”
· Children learn to explore the environment and develop skills in pre-math, language, pre-writing, and many other concepts.
· They become independent learners and thus get ready to go to primary school.

Safety and health
To ensure safety of children, biometric system is installed at the entrance and parents get a code in the centre. Guard App launched in the school will be in the guard’s phone who enters the details of any visitor and only after the authentication, any visitor is allowed to enter the premises.

Experience of children
Children enjoy schooling as the school engages in providing creative time to the children to make them think. Puppet shows, magic shows, stage events in house and story dramatization are arranged for them by the teachers.

Challenges in pre-school education and solving them
· Like any day care school, Footprints also face shortage of trained staff.
· In India there is no certification, or diploma for childcare and so no trained staff are available.
· Most of the pre-schools do not have in house curriculum and people look for quality education in formal school and they take pre-school phase lightly.
The founders, when asked about the importance of pre-school education, say, “90% of Brain development takes place for children between 0-6 years. Hence this is the time where we provide children exposure to the environment, concepts, and skills to be able to create a right foundation for children. Today when both parents are working, nuclear families, these crucial years are missed on to be nurtured. Therefore, Preschool education in today’s time is very important.”

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