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Nature Journey, with its headquarters in Bangalore and branches in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, and Chennai, is the largest school to make children learn leadership and life skills with the help of experimental learning and adventure activities. It also offers services to various parts of the country.

Nature Journey CEO Photo
Mr. Divyansh Gupta is the founder of Nature Journey and started the institute with the sole mission of providing outdoor education and learning with the help of activities.
Nature Journey – activities
· Children get a chance to learn when playing during the summer vacations and experience the beauty and freshness of Mother Nature.
· Camps are closer to city conducted by well-trained team and selected locations danger-free
· Children learn skills not technologically dependent
· They enjoy team building activities and “stay in the most tranquil areas around the city, meet some new people and make an endless memory.”
· Seven day program arranged to try adventures for a wonderful experience
· Trainers from HMI and NIM with fully equipped instruments for the outdoor adventure activities.
· Nature walk, rock climbing, trekking, channel crossing, rafting and many more activities arranged
· Children get a good break from the routine life, learn to develop the personality, improve self-confidence and face challenges in life
· Students from classes 1-10 are admitted for the educational trip program
· Student-teacher ratio is 20:1
· Focus is on infusing “leadership, motivation, sharing, trust, friendly nature, and many more things.”

Other activities organized
· 3-5 days long fun and adventure trip at camp sites
· Inter and intra school competitions
· Hand in hand program is the main highlight of the work experience in schools
· CSR unit works with orphanages and government run schools and conduct various activities for them
· Taking children on educational trip to experience living away from their homes
· In school program to provide basic activity facilities in schools
· Students from various schools in different parts of the country are connected with each other
· Nature connect program teach students proper camping techniques and conducted for 2-3 days

Benefits of summer camps by Nature Journey
Mr. Divyansh Gupta is of the opinion that children become physically fit when they attend summer camps with natural backgrounds and take part in sports like “Swimming, running, hiking, climbing, and rafting.” They learn to handle tough situations that may arise in life. They also know about interaction, working together, and team spirit. They learn to be independent and develop a sense of responsibility. They stay away from using technology devices such as iPad, mobile phones, and computers to socialize with everyone around. They come to know their true self and gain confidence apart from tolerance to others’ views. During camps, they learn to work on role models and find out how to have fun, gain knowledge from others and make friends in person.

Partner Events
Mr. Divyansh Gupta reminisces,”We had a memorable program in JSS and Samhita Academy. Recently the program has finished. Both school faculty and kids enjoyed the program.”

For more information, please visit: www.questadventuregroup.com

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