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Kids encouraged to work on “interesting open-ended projects” to explore real issues with the help of their curricular knowledge

Aiming at kindling the curiosity of each child to learn and discover, EdMojo was started by Mr.Vinit Shah, an Engineer from Mumbai University and MS degree holder from University of Michigan. Kids are encouraged to work on “interesting open-ended projects” to explore real issues with the help of their curricular knowledge. Team work, creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness, and leadership are the main areas of focus for EdMojo.

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“Students need to learn skills that would transform them into continuous learners” as what they learn in schools is hardly useful for them in their future lives. Children in the age group of 10-18 are taken for the program with a teacher student ratio of 1:15.

Skills developed in EdMojo
· Critical thinking
· Creativity and Imagination
· Team Work Collaboration
· Conceptual Understanding
· Patience and Perseverance
· Problem Solving Skills
· 21st Century Digital Skills
· Presentation Skills
· Self-Learning Skills
· Enjoying the subject taught in the camp as “they are applying whatever they are learning. It will make them creatively to think of solutions to problems and get motivated to learn more about the subject.”
· Children “exhibit their solutions to an authentic audience to give them critical feedback and a sense of achievement” that helps them to become active problem solvers.

Challenges faced and managing
Today’s schools are more into finishing the curriculum and test the children by way of exams. Since EdMojo is a “project based learning workshop provider” it is quite tough to keep the children during the busy school days. The project is usually worked on after the school schedule as an extra-curricular program or after-school program.

Other activities and workshops
· Workshops on “photography, public speaking, creative writing, and filmmaking” and fun-filled workshops on math, science, logic, and algorithms apart from economics that include games.
· Emphasis is on exploring, ideate, and create.

How does the staff manage the temperaments of each child?
· EdMojo understands each child has different learning styles and temperaments which is appreciated and attended to.
· As the workshops are mainly about students working in teams to explore and ideate to get solutions, all their view points and ideas are welcomed.
· Students get all the freedom to use their strength to learn and if they are weak, take the help of peers.

Unforgettable Moments
Every workshop has interesting episodes to remember and each time children have really surprised the team members. “Once we were learning concepts in geometry with kids in 8th standard and we challenged kids to trisect an angle with only a scale and compass(something that is mathematically impossible to do). We let the kids explore and finally revealed it to them about it being impossible. But one of the students went back home, worked on it for a week and came back with a method that is a very good approximation to trisecting an angle with only a scale and compass. Although it is an approximation, but we were really impressed since it was in a way, an original mathematical work by an 8th grade student, which is really impressive.”

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