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Just Being Centre, founded by Ms. Sandy Dias Andrade, a psychologist by profession, is all about offering a
vacation not only for children but also for the other members of the family – to play, rest, and unwind by connecting with each other.

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Focus is more on meeting the “emotional and social needs of individuals, groups, and communities.” The camp for families is conducted at Chinmaya Vibhooti near Pune and it is a residential retreat.

Just Being Centre at a glance:
· The program conducts “separate sessions depending on the age groups and the developmental needs and age appropriate ways to introduce mindfulness.”
· Children from four years to teenagers are welcome to join.
· They are grouped according to their age.
· Each group consists of six to twelve children with gifted facilitator.
· Mindfulness and with that, ability to improve attention, “to form attuned social connections, to develop a nourishing self-image, to enhance communication with parents, to learn emotional regulation skills.”
· Everything is taught with the help of art, theatre, short meditations, drumming, and yoga.
· “We inquire into what it means to be fully active, fully human, and allow for action, individual, and collective, to emerge.”
· “We also seek to develop contemplative learning and research into ‘beingness’ and making this the basis of inquiry.”
· Programs are held in schools as introductory programs, teaching the principles, attitudes, and practice of mindfulness in classroom and expanding the same within the whole school system.

Handling the challenges:
The camp offers high quality programs and people who attend the program find it extremely transformative and come back for the program. The main challenge lies in creating awareness among the public about the program, its benefits, and make them attend the program. With a strong support of research in neuroscience on the benefits of mindfulness, the program is slowly reaching people.
Other important activities and workshops:
· During summer and winter, Mindfulness Retreats for Families is conducted.
· “Exploration through art classes for children where the art can bring a certain grounding and centeredness to children.”
· Programs involving families using art and drumming for creating better bonding and understanding between parents and children.

Managing the temperaments of children during camp:
The facilitators make sure that the children feel at home and sense of welcoming from everyone. They are encouraged to be their normal selves and the activities are planned in such a way that they offer a “safe boundary and containment.”

Motivation offered by the camp:
The ultimate goal of the camp is to ensure the transformation with the help of intention and skilful means among children without restricting them too much. Often it helps parents also to view their children from a different perspective. Children who were viewed and judged due to emotional or social challenges are relaxed, feel welcomed, and appreciated. Teenagers identify a worthiness within themselves. Parents and families mostly come back to experience the transformation. “There are many unsaid miracles that happen during the retreat and many that follow after the retreat.”

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