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The Pocket Money workshop is the brainchild of Ms. Kirti Agarwal Rungta, an engineer from NIT, Jaipur.
The workshop aims at guiding students to explore various other fields with the help of extra-curricular activities without the pressure of any curriculum and bring out their cognitive skills.

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After working in an IT company for a few years, Ms. Kirti came up with a start-up in digital advertising space and prototype designing weekend workshop called Start-up Garage for entrepreneurs with unique ideas. The experience of having conducted so many workshops prompted her to start the Pocket Money workshop for high schoolers in Pune.

The “Pocket Money” workshop is meant to take children off “their routines and should be given an opportunity to explore other fields/activities where they could learn while doing things.” The workshop works towards guiding high school students in creating and selling a product, thus “providing value for the end users.” Real world selling techniques to get an insight into the area of interest and to work towards betterment of his skills for completing the project are what “Pocket Money” workshop is about.

Overall view of Pocket Money
· High schoolers in the age group of 14-18 years are admitted and the ratio of staff to children is 1:12.
· They are under no pressure to follow any particular curriculum and have time to “execute what they have learnt so far through various extra-curricular activities.”
· “Our workshop helps to enhance the cognitive development of teenagers.”
· Techniques to help the participant reason out and make the best choices for any problem on hand
· “Participants get a chance to not just work in team but also to self-evaluate”
· Participants learn the nuances of the market and find out their actual area of interest
· Financial planning and management knowledge is what they gain as they work on selling products in market.
· Pocket Money workshop is mainly for high school students at present
· They get 32400 seconds of real time work experience.

Managing children with varied temperaments
The trained team of members with Pocket Money are highly qualified and experienced in conducting workshops for different age groups. In the event of any emotional disturbance among the participants, they offer proper counselling and talk to the student one on one.

Challenges faced
“It is a common perception among parents that entrepreneurship means starting a business and it has nothing to do with people in services.” But actually entrepreneurship is the root of any profession in today’s world. The individual is trained here to get value for the end-users.

Any interesting anecdote
“One of our participant from our earlier workshop got interested in her hobby to make quilling cards so much because of the value she could create for customers that she has set up her store near her house and makes a lot of money in her free time.
All that unused stock of her creations got sold and won appreciation from her folks. She feels really proud of her work and that excites us.”

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Kirti Agarwal Rungta
Phone: 91 8554900029