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Launched in 2013, Doodle Buddies Summer Camp located in Pune is run by Kinjal Ganatra, Psychologist
and Psychotherapist by profession and Jaya Shah, a Phonics Teacher. “We focus mainly on the fun related activities for children. We want the children to thoroughly enjoy the camp and make it a memorable one. Our activities are theme related and we allow the children to be themselves. They just enjoy coming to our camp. Due to this reason our camp generally gets full with 90+ kids joining us each year.”

4- Doodle Buddies founders
Age Group
We deal with the age group of 3.5 to 9 years.
Student – Teacher Ratio
The student teacher ratio for kids below 5 years is 6:1 and for kids above 5 years it is 7:1.Additional to this, we have two choreographers who teach dance.
On the last day of our camp we have Concert wherein the kids perform what they have learnt in the camp.

The primary focus of Doodle Buddies is Summer Camps. They also participate in different child related events and host activities and workshops for events.
Ms.Kinjal Ganatra tell us, “In our summer camp this year we have days like:
· Unbirthday Celebration (we have 1 birthday and 364 Unbirthdays so why not party) , Wacky Tacky Day
· Incredible Athletes
· Chocolate Day
· Donut Day
· Movie show for kids and dads
· Zumba for moms etc.

Kids here make their own sandwiches, bhel, canapés etc. They also learn a few art and craft. Basically kids are free here to soil themselves, they play with paints – we give them the liberty that they may not get at home.
Even when its sandwich making we provide them with small butter cubes, plastic butter knife and other things so basically they do it all by themselves. We also have activities like cupcake décor, cookie décor or dessert making in camp. Kids love it and the moms are happy to try what their munchkins have prepared.

We also provide snacks that we prepare at home so quality is maintained. We have parents who come up to us and say that their kids like the food that we prepare than the home food! There have been days when children cry when their parents come to pick them up after camp. They are so happy that they don’t want to go home.”

Our Address is:
Doodle Buddies Summer Camp
Deccan,Pune. Contact no: 9890713432 / 9503192244