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Fastest growing wildlife and travel photography training academies in India

DCP Expeditions, a premier Photography Training Academy in India, conducts workshops and teaches children about nature, biodiversity, universe, wildlife, waste management, natural resource management and other important aspects of environmental science using photography as the medium.

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Founded by Dr. Caesar Sengupta, a microbiologist and photographer, DCP Expeditions is keen on making children gain knowledge about various subjects which by reading from textbooks may feel bored but the interactive and engaging activities of the camp make them happy and engaged. The panel of experts include well-known wildlife photographers, travel photographers, digital artists, travellers, writers, divers and so on. “In every event we conduct, in addition to the development of photographic skills, conservation photography remains one of the key learning elements.”

All about DCP Expeditions
· DCP Kids Wild Weekends specially designed to impart awareness about natural history and biodiversity to each child with the help of an interactive learning platform.
· This program consists of interactive, practical and collaborative teaching methods.
· Children in the age group of 8-16 can join the Kids Wild Weekend Program.
· The team strength is one trainer per ten children.
· Totally different interactive and engaging ways applied to keep the children engaged in activities and also impart knowledge with useful communications.
· “To impart knowledge and generate awareness amongst common man about the earth’s natural history.”

How will children benefit?
· By taking part in DCP expeditions, children get ecological sensitivity.
· Get sensitized towards conservation and become ecologically accountable for their actions.
· “Through this program, we wish to educate and train our next generation to become able torch bearers of the mission we have.”

Challenges and solutions
Winning theparents’ trust to let their children join this program was a big challenge. But now “we have great rapport established today and increasing number of parents are finding us very rewarding to entrust the responsibility of taking care of their kids in such activities.”Parents have the option to join in all the events as well.

Other activities
· Weekend nature trails
· Photo walks
· Bio-blitz
· Half a day to one full day workshops
· Weekend outdoor camps including wildlife camps like Tiger camps.
· “Awareness programs in schools and colleges, particularly in the schools in fringe areas of forest areas.”
· Creating an “interactive learning platform by being within nature with our experts with an attempt to instil ecological sensitivity in children.”

Handling Children with Varied Temperaments
Since every child has a different mind-set and temperament, the trained team understands the psychology of the children in different situations. Options for parents to join the camps are also open.
Interesting features
India is so rich in ecosystem that “the students can’t believe their eyes when they start photographing wildlife on their own.” The online community helps students share photos they take from other wild weekends expeditions. It becomes a “great platform for discussion and continued learning.”

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For more information, visit: www.dcpexpeditions.com
Contact details:
DCP Expeditions
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Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400705, India
Ph: +912261818464 Mob: 9819839820
Email: info@dcpexpeditions.com