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First school to be Awarded for Education and Awareness at the Green Your School Contest, 2016 along with a Cash Award of Rs. 3,50,000

Army Public School, K Kamaraj Road, Bangalore has always been the pioneer when it comes to doing its
bit for the environment. Under the unstinted support, guidance and mentorship of the principal of the school, Mrs. Manjula Raman, the school has a very dynamic Environment Conservation and Education Programme that actively awakens awareness and engages the young students of the school as well as of the other schools in environment conservation and propagation.

5 - Manjula Raman  Mrs. Manjula Raman, Principal

This came to the fore when the school team comprising of Shivam Kumar, Dhruv Singh and Hemang Singh Manhas of Class IX won the „Green School Award” for their innovative ideas on conservation. The enterprise and the zeal was recognized in a glittering award ceremony where Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) which is part of the confederation of Indian Industry (CII), bestowed upon the school the rare and prestigious distinction of being the first school to be awarded for Education and awareness at the Green Your School Contest,2016 along with a cash award of Rs3,50,000/-The “Green Schools program” aims at nurturing the young minds and inspiring them to make Green – a way of life. Manjula Raman has been nominated as outstanding Educator World Wide and given privilege to nominate exceptional students for the Global Young Leaders conference at New York and Washington DC.


She spoke about her journey as an educator,being with army schools and the importance of teaching values in education in this interview.
“I am a Post Graduate from Delhi University and belong to the family of Army Officers across three generations.My calling was always for the Armed forces. Since active service was not available in my times, I joined as an educator, and have served the cause of educating wards of Army Personals for the last 25 years as the Principal of Army Public Schools in Jammu & Kashmir and Bangalore. My close connect with the young children has been the elixir of my life which has kept me youthful , positive and cheerful and as I look back these three decades have been extremely valuable.

As I have re-invented myself several times as the dynamics of education changed, innovated, learnt new pedagogies and enriched myself and the wards under my care. My effort has always been in giving my children an open mind, a sense of citizenship, empathy, equality and the courage to stand by their convictions. I wish every child realizes his / her sense of duty and is responsible for his / her action. I believe every child has the potential to be a leader in his / her own right and once a child is able to make the correct choices in his life, every child can be an icon.

My sense of discipline is that, discipline comes through realization and introspection rather than coercion and fear. This kind of discipline is long lasting and enduring. I give every child the chance to voice their perspective but standby what is good for the child and school. The parents of my school look for quality education, a considerate and erudite faculty and a head who is able to have a vision of the future for his wards.

Many parents like their ward to pursue a career in the armed force, although many like their wards to pursue career in the civil, I must add that my students also believe in beauty aesthetics, environment , kindness to humanity and animal kingdom and nurture all beautiful creation of God.”
The APS Kamaraj Road family prides itself in always putting the best foot forward and this zeal has been recognized and rewarded at the highest and most distinguished platforms. The school won the International School award (2016-2019) for being the best. The students and teachers worked on 6 projects.
·Sustainable Environment.
·From Field to Plate-
·Wheeling to work
·World War II
·Dance forms of the world
·Silk Route

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