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Outdoor School, located in Navi Mumbai, is run by a team of adventure lovers, with the motto of offering
opportunity for everybody to admire nature. Started by “a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts”, Gorilla Adventures by Outdoor School indulges in adventure activities using new techniques and technologies at a low-risk. Mr. Utkarsh Erandkar, founder of Gorilla Adventures spoke to us on behalf of the team in this interview.

Vision and mission of Gorilla Adventures
· Team work, respecting each other mutually, and facing new challenges by participating in activities like rock climbing and rappelling are the means by which Outdoor School achieves its goal.
· Help children come out of their narrow circles and move close to environment and nature.
· Creating a new generation of adventurers to continue the job.

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What do children learn at Gorilla Adventures?
By participating in various activities, children learn:
· To be confident
· To be social
· To be active, To love nature, To be responsible
Team building, To inculcate decision making

Are only children allowed?
No, “people of any age group can enjoy such learning camps. In this season, we have summer camps in three batches: Youngsters (8-14), Teenagers (14-21), and Enthusiasts (21+).”
Functioning of Gorilla Adventures and managing children:
“We appoint coordinators for group of ten participants. Thus the ratio is 1:10. We also appoint instructors and other professionals like Medical representative, Art Teachers etc.” Since each child has different qualities, emphasis is given to exploring their individuality.

A few kids may be very moody, but the coordinators with vast experience in handling children make them feel comfortable in the camp from the first day itself and manage the situation in a smooth manner.
Other activities in the camps:
· Short treks & trails
· Rucksack packing
· Intro to equipment and use
· Tent pitching
· Rock climbing basics
· Rappelling basics
· Jummaring
· River crossing basics
· Rope bridge crossing
· Star gazing
· Basic outdoor ethics
· Basic survival techniques
· Team building games

Challenges faced:
· The impact of TV and internet is such that kids are more engrossed in such shows. Getting parents and children out of the influence of these shows is a challenge.
· Parents also are not very keen to expose them to thrill involved in the adventure activities.
· The Gorilla Adventures Camp works on helping the participants face challenges and take correct decisions within a short time.
· The School also makes efforts to convince the parents about generating confidence in children.
· Apart from these, food and water, staying away from family and adjusting in the camps have to be managed.
· Hygiene, creating pleasant environment, good accommodation are to be taken care of.

Interesting Episodes:
“During our rappelling session in Ratnagiri, we found a boy afraid to start rappelling. We tried to convince him a lot but still he disagreed. Our instructor, then, chose the smaller member in the team, who was a small girl, and convinced her to rappel down. She did it very happily and returned back with a smiling face. The smile on her face convinced the boy about simplicity of the task and encouraged him to rappel down. This was also a motivation for all other participants.”

For more information, visit: www.gorillaadventures.in
Outdoor School,
G-2, Sea Sagar CHSL,
Plot C-8, Sector 23,
Seawoods, Navi Mumbai – 400 706.
Maharashtra. India.
Mobile: 8655599957 / 9930609990
Email: info@gorillaadventures.in
For more information, visit: www.gorillaadventures.in
Outdoor School,
G-2, Sea Sagar CHSL, Plot C-8, Sector 23,
Seawoods, Navi Mumbai – 400 706.
Maharashtra. India.
Mobile: 8655599957 / 9930609990
Email: info@gorillaadventures.in