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Vinod Kumar, the Founder of SpaceTrek, is a STEM Educator and an entrepreneur providing Dome Immersive Educational Experience in schools. With its global headquarters in Singapore, the firm has its India Office in Chennai.

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Vinod Kumar with his mentor, Clinton Swaine, one of the World Leaders in Experiential Learning

What is Immersive Learning?
The next generation of Education is Education 3.0 which is Immersive Learning. It involves the use of technology in classrooms to facilitate 360 degree learning through a combination of Audio, Video and Tech elements which will aid students in the learning journey.

With a vision of introducing, “Immersive Learning Classroom in every School in the World”, SpaceTrek is an Education 3.0 specialist developed by Mr. Vinod Kumar along with Mr. Bharath Raman. SpaceTrek aims to solve the problem of lack of impact of technology at the school level.

How SpaceTrek works?
· Students get a deep educational experience by going through programs that help them achieve their goal. In this Dome Based Immersive Educational Experience, a huge igloo shaped dome is installed in the school to exhibit videos to students according to their age.
· MarsQuest, the next product is the 3D Science photo exhibition of planet Mars to help students learn about planet Mars using space agencies. A 3D photo exhibition, an interactive seminar, a Virtual Realty Drive, and an Immersive Dome show are part of a single program from SpaceTrek.
· SpaceTrek also offers Space Science Learning Club which is an astronomy membership club working with offline courses and online courses to help students develop an interest in astronomy.
“We provide a fully mobile planetarium to schools creating the same experience in visiting a science museum but at a meagre cost.”

About 4 lakh students in South India alone have benefited due to SpaceTrek. Mr. Vinod feels it is a joy to watch students using the Dome and undergoing a transformation by experiencing the content. When students visualize various topics such the birth of the universe, black holes and so on they get so interested in the topic that they come up with very interesting and novel ideas which they would not have done under normal circumstances.
“Dipping levels of inspiration is the biggest challenge before the students now and they have to gear up to face the future, for which Dome helps them.”

Science Learning Club
The focus of SpaceTrek now is now on starting a club called Space Science Learning Club which is an online Astronomy membership club. It offers free as well as paid memberships to students. Teachers are also involved as they get periodical events to find out about the latest learning concepts from all over the world and to learn from scholars internationally.

Flip Learning
SpaceTrek held its first event on April 17th and Mr. Gabriel, Founder of Score Campus, a top leader in Flip Learning based at Singapore addressed the audience about the education sector prevailing in Singapore and about Flip Learning Methodology. He offered tips on how to implement Flip learning in the educational institutions in India.

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