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Develops kids’ creativity, leadership skills and team playing

Miraaya, a holistic growth center based in Mumbai, conducts summer camps, in-school training for teachers and students for several cities/countries. Miraaya has been co-founded by the eminent Physiotherapist and Life And Leadership Coach Dr. Nidhi Gupta, an award-winning author, columnist and visionary educator Ms. Megha Bajaj and a Chartered Accountant with philanthropic bent of mind – Mr. Rajesh Chaudhary.

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Miraaya is operational in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, New Jersey – and are coming soon with centres in Bengaluru, UAE and Singapore. Miraaya is not just any other summer camp. It offers a mix of Grandma’s stories, nostalgia, mangoes, friends and love.” Mira means devotion and Miraaya is a place for deepest love and devotion towards children.
Here the children get “Life ready and not exam ready.”
Miraaya at a glance
· Children between the ages of 2.5 – 17 can participate in the program. The teacher to student ratio is 1:8.
· Children learn important skills like better communication – one to one, one to some, one to many. They also learn self-confidence, ability to deal with peer pressure and challenges.
· They also develop creativity, leadership skills and team playing capabilities.
· Miraaya’s staff truly love and care for the children. They do not differentiate between one child and another. Every class is exciting and energetic – some designed to build energy and some designed to release excess energy. This helps in dealing with different temperaments of different children.

Miraaya’s signature programs
· WoW 3 L’s (Wonder of Words – Language + Life + Leadership skills)
· WoCC (Wonders of Colors and Creativity)
· Pre-Ballet
· Twist and Turn Yoga
· Meditative yoga.

Memorable Moments
“An eight year old was going through a complex regarding her complexion in our WoW Class. We got two rabbits to class – one white, one black and made all our children to interact with both. At the end of the class, through some well thought of questions we made the children arrive at their own answer that skin is a very small aspect of a person. This very girl in the end said, “The black rabbit was so cute too. I now know it is not skin but what is in that matters!”
“Another instance was when we saw too many children use the words, “I am bored” too often for life, for school, for something or the other. We took toothpastes to class and made each child remove the entire paste out. Then we asked them to put it back in… when they said they couldn’t, we told them LIFE IS LIKE THAT. One moment comes only once and there is no rewind button. Would you want to waste this precious time saying I am bored or live it. A child from a very popular South Mumbai school came and shared, “Mam I will remember this lesson for very long…”

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Miraaya, The Centre
8 La Repose, Deonar Farm Road
Mumbai 400 088
The WoW Office
Basement, Vinod Building,
Gowalia Tank, Raghavji Road Mumbai 400 036.