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Workshop program focusing on teaching children good manners and etiquettes in a fun-filled way

Farida Dahee, the founder of Kidiquette & Images2last is an Image Consultant, a soft skills trainer & an
etiquette coach for kids. With more than 15 years of corporate experience, she started her own coaching & training programs to cater to kids & adults about three and the half years ago.

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What is Kidiquette?
Kidiquette is a Workshop program focusing on teaching children good manners and etiquettes in a fun-filled way. Kids of 4-6 years and 7-12 years are the target age-group for the program. The ratio of teachers to children is 1:10 at the workshops. Teachers are trained well to handle the varied temperaments of the kids. Ms. Dahee ensures that after a few lessons, a game or activity is introduced and “rarely kids refuse to participate. They are very eager to be a part of the activities & role plays.”With personalized attention,learning is fun and also simple.

What does Kidiquette teach children?
With the help of activities and role plays, kids are taught:
· The Importance of Manners
· The Perfect Introduction
· Social Etiquette
· Body Language
· Grooming & Personal Hygiene
· Telephone Etiquette
· Thanking & Apologizing
· Accepting & Giving Compliments
· Table Manners
· Practical Luncheon (lunch is served on day 2 to get a hands on experience of using cutlery)

Challenges Faced and Future Plans
“The only challenge is reaching out to more parents. With limited resources I find it difficult to reach out to more people who are interested in taking advantage of this unique program. Reaching out to schools is also not easy. At times looking for a good place to conduct these programs also becomes a challenge. I now have a few tie –up’s with various play schools to allow me to conduct the program & will soon be conducting free webinars to educate parents on the importance of good manners.” says Ms.Dahee.

As of now only workshops for kids are conducted but Ms.Dahee also has plans to come up with a program exclusively for teenagers. She is also working on conducting a kids’ leadership program soon.

How does Kidiquette plan to approach kids?
· The team of Kidiquette will come to the school and during the class hours hold the workshop
· Open workshops can be conducted every month on Saturdays and Sundays near the location of choice
· With a minimum attendance of 10-15 children, the workshop can be held in the housing society, building or colony.

Ms.Dahee concludes, “During my last workshop in Noida I had requested the kids to write a thank-you note to their friend or parents. One of the kids wrote a Thank-you note to me for conducting the program & how much she had learnt & enjoyed. This really moved me!”

For more information, please visit www.kidiquette.in
Email: faridadahee@gmail.com
Phone: 9833256633