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Prabha Krishna is the Secretary, Chief Yoga therapist and Lifestyle consultant of Yogabharati. Yogabharati is a non-profit, voluntary trust organization with a vision of enhancing Health (physical), Happiness (mental), Knowledge (intellectual) & Peace (Spiritual) in life through a holistic approach to Yoga for all ages.

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Yogabharati (YB), India started in Bangalore in the year 2013 under the guidance of Yogashree N.V.Raghuram.
It is affiliated to VYASA(Vivekananda Yoga Research University) which is one of the premier Yoga Universities. Yogabharati has a team of eminent board members, medical consultants, instructors, therapists and counsellors.
An internationally registered Yoga school, Yogabharati conducts Yoga classes, therapeutic yoga workshops, retreats, discourses, awareness programs, camps and training courses aimed at creating awareness about yoga and its philosophy.

Kids Summer Camp Essentials
“Yoga is a great tool to teach children to be calm, focused, enhance their physical strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness and connect with their inner self. Our idea of summer camp for kids is to integrate this ancient science with yogic games,selfless service, sloka chants,bhajans and value added mythological stories in tune with nature so that it brings about a holistic development of the child. This camp is tailor-made so that the children explore all the levels of intelligence (Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory) and tap into their potentials. We believe each of these experiences would optimally develop all the domains of the child and would make meaningful connections and give a lifetime of value”, says Prabha.

Age Requirements
“Our residential camps are open for kids who are 9 years and above. Our camps (Young Yogi summer camps) at our centers are open for kids 7 years and above as this is the right time for them to start Yogic lessons.
For this upcoming residential camp we have 5 teachers (inclusive of two female teachers) for a group of 25 kids.”

Camp Features and Activities
* Asanas and Dynamic Yogic warm ups for overall positive health
* Sloka Chanting and Bhajans to become more centered and to channelize the positive energy
* Yogic games­ Non competitive Group games(Physical and intellectual) to work on their interpersonal, kinesthetic,visual, spatial and linguistic ability.
* Emotional level balance by Pranayama and mindful breathing practices
* A lesson in humility by volunteering at the premises
* A sense of independence, responsibility. Experience of living a simple Yogic life
* Understanding core moral values through Mythology stories­ and enhancing the intrapersonal intelligence.
“Overall, this camp would bring about a holistic development in social, cognitive, emotional and physical domains of the child.

We would plan our activities through the day in such a way that there is an interesting mixture. The restlessness and over excitement which the kids might feel after reaching the camp would be harnessed in such a way that by the end of the day they would feel very peaceful. For example,the last session of the day would be bhajans. The next two days would go as a breeze as they would have accepted us in these roles and would hopefully cooperate. Some of the senior children could actually take in some of the roles too and this becomes an empowering platform for them too.”

Upcoming Camp: Kishora Samskara Shibir- Kids Holistic development Residential camp
Dates: Tuesday May 16th morning onwards to Thursday, 18th May
Location : Cauvery Sannidhi ashram, Srirangapatna
Age requirements: Children 9 yrs to 15 yrs
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This residential camp is at

Other Activities Organised
* Exclusive Mythological story sessions during Navratri Bombe festival.
* Mass events like Suryathon, International Yoga day where the kids are encouraged to participate along with adults.
* Story time Yoga sessions
* BalaYoga classes and Special Teen yoga sessions are also conducted.
* Talks to teens and tweens on “Healthy eating and lifestyle”
* Special yogic games arranged for kids and adults on Children’s day
* Family retreats where kids accompany their parents on a Yogic weekend retreat filled with interesting experiences.
* Young Yogi 10 day summer camps conducted in allcenters every year.

Story Time Yoga
“Story time yoga was a concept which I introduced in the year 2007 in the age group of 6 to 10 years. I observed that by introducing stories, it becomes a powerful interactive medium that induces immersive learning. This is then combined with Yogic poses on the characters/objects used in this story. This approach takes the class to a heightened level of fun and frolic. The yogic poses done with enthusiasm makes them physically and mentally active. This class is even suitable for special needs kids with ADHD.”

Prabha relates, “There was one particular experience when a child with ADHD joined my Storytime Yoga session. During the first session, he was extremely restless and hyperactive throughout the entire duration.
However within a period of a few sessions, the same boy exhibited great composure and poise and was enjoying the session to the extent that he became the team leader asking others to calm down :). Since then, he has blossomed to become a confident and focussed teenager – the effects of Yoga are truly amazing to witness!”

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