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Conducted quizzes across the IITs and the IIMs, created knowledge properties – Prajavani Quiz Championship, the AscendasBizQuiz and ConQuest for Mysore Printers and so on.

An alumni of National Public School, Indiranagar, Bangalore and a lawyer by education, Sachin Ravi got his degrees in law and business from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. He worked as a legal manager at ICICI Bank before becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Team Walnut isn

Along with Raghav Chakravarthy, he had been working on Walnut Knowledge Solutions for the last two-and-a-half years, where they use questions and stories as a means of engagement and learning. For both Raghav and Sachin, Walnut stems from their passion for quizzing and the role that it has played in shaping their thoughts, perceptions and actions. A foodie, who is fond of trying out new cuisines/restaurants and who also enjoys bingeing on movies and TV shows whenever he gets the time, talks about quizzing and his company in this interview.

When asked about the genesis of Walnut Knowledge Solutions he said, Raghav and I genuinely felt that there was a market to be tapped into for conducting quizzes, while crafting a niche for ourselves as well.  We worked with around 130 children from two schools in Pune where we interacted with them through quiz questions and stories. Seeing the potential of the engagement with children, we felt that we had to devote our full attention to the opportunity. So after our stints at ICICI Bank, we started Walnut Knowledge Solutions in August 2014. Our experiences with school children in Pune, translated to the QuizShala program that we now conduct across a couple of schools in Bangalore.

Team Walnut: In terms of the team, we have Arvind Srinivas and Shruthi Varkhedkar handling the content, delivery and operations for our various engagements. We also have a number of part-time associates ranging from school students to a housewife helping us with content.

Story behind the “Name”: With respect to the name, we wanted a simple name/brand that encapsulates the idea of cracking questions by indulging one’s curiosity. We found that a walnut with its allusions to the brain was the perfect fit. “

He strongly believes that quizzing helps the students in learning.He explainsquizzing is a means to broaden one’s horizons, to make holistic connections between different subjects and to converge upon one’s interests. How one perceives the world and communicates with his/her surroundings is a consequence of how aware that person is, and quizzing is one of the means of becoming more aware. This gave birth to the idea of QuizShala.

An overview of the unique Quiz Shala program – QuizShala is a school of questions, where the child asks as many questions, where they make holistic and out-of-the-box connections and correlate between diverse topics. We believe that this sort of awareness helps in making decisions that are better thought out.It is conducted mostly as an after-school program, but in some cases during school hours. The program is open to children from grades 4 to 9 and we typically have 15 sessions spread over an academic year. Each session is 90 minutes long and has questions on various topics. The answer to these questions is discussed through a small story to provide more context to the child, in a language they can understand. Each session has a constant focus on currents happenings along with a topic that is chosen by the children in the program and a few activities spread across the sessions.Children who have gone through a QuizShala course or have been part of multiple QuizShala courses are inquisitive, are always asking questions and always tend to have a guess, even if they’re likely to be incorrect. We’ve seen QuizShala children perform much better in quiz competitions across the city. Children we’ve been working with for more than a year have won a number of quizzes as well.We’ve been working towards scaling our QuizShala program to more schools while employing technology, using a blended approach.

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