Mangala Ganesh – Librarian – Silver Oaks International School, Bangalore

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Mangala Ganesh holds a Diploma, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She has over thirteen years of rich experience in setting up and managing school and college library systems for various educational institutions in Bangalore.

Mangala has been instrumental in setting up the school library from scratch while fulfilling the needs of an IBPYP setup.


She explains Librarian’s Role in School Academics in this article.

The Librarian, Library and its Resources play a vital role in the implementation of the school academics. School Librarian, the title reflects the role of 21st century, school library professional as a Leader, Program Administrator, Collaborative Teacher, Information Specialist and Technology Facilitator.

Librarian as a Leader: Someone who has the education, training and credentials required to be a Leader in the job. Librarian provides leadership and expertise in the selection, acquisition, evaluation and organization of information resources and technologies in all formats, as well as expertise in the ethical use of information. Librarian supports teachers and students in teaching and learning through the provision of resources. Librarian promotes the effective and efficient use of library resources.

Librarian as a Program Administrator: Designing the library policy, which will align with the school mission and the policy, is the major task for a librarian as a program administrator. An effective manager of a school library program, Librarian requires doing planning, budgeting, reporting and evaluation. Librarian needs to organize the collection for maximize an effective use among the user community. Librarian appreciates and encourages students to respect the rights of other members of the learning community as they share materials and resources. Librarian needs to create and provide the appealing and safe environment that nurtures students’ curiosity, lifelong learning and reading. Librarian works with teachers and students on a flexible schedule.

Librarian as a Collaborative Teacher: Librarian, in collaboration with teachers, helping students to acquire the information literacy skill. Librarian shares the teaching responsibilities in the library. Librarian nurtures a love and passion for reading the books through the library activities/program. Librarian conducts among students, purposeful, constructive research projects. Librarian builds on prior knowledge and constructs the new knowledge in the learning process. Librarian models effective strategies for developing multiple literacies.

Librarian as an Information Specialist: Librarian selects the required resources which support the school’s curriculum. Resource based learning encourages students to make good decisions and solve problems creatively while they build confidence and become effective users of information. Students are exposed to a range of visual, written and oral skills. They are encouraged to express their own ideas and interpret the ideas of others.

Librarian as a Technology facilitator : Librarian as a Technology facilitator takes permission to grant the funding for technology, including sufficient connectivity, electrical support, hardware-software, subscription of databases and online tools to equally support research and inquiry based learning. Technology is transforming not only access to information, but also the skills needed to interact with and use it.

Thus, to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information, the Librarian

*Supports overall school curriculum.
*Collaborative planning and teaching.
*Promotion of reading literacy and information literacy
*Learning enhancement through technologies.

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Mangala Ganesh
Silver Oaks International School