Edudharma – Students’ Scholarship Program

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India’s first online Academic Crowd funded Scholarship Platform

Aims to bring students and academicians together to remove financial barriers

Edudharma is founded by a bunch of youngsters working for various social causes and for welfare of students. They are a team of ten members. To name a few, Mr. A. G. Padmanaban – Founder, Mr. N. Balaji- CEO, Mr. P. Deva Neyan- CTO and Mr. R. Siddharth- Creative Director.The website was launched on January 12, 2016 by the man of millennium Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram at IIT Chennai.

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Excerpts from the interview with the team
The idea behind Edudharma- Education has become a costlier affair. Children who have excellent education records in the academics are not able to afford for further school or college and many drop out of their school/college due to lack of affordability. Affording for sports tournaments has become costly too. There are so many talented student athletes but they lack to participate in tournaments due to affordability and thus we lose many unrecognized sportsmen. Also, many skilled students who are good at arts and science projects need funding to take their innovative project ideas to next level. To make meet the needs of the eligible students, Edudharma is born.

Aim: EduDharma is the India’s first online Academic Crowdfunded Scholarship Platform, aims to bring students and academic advocates together to remove the financial barriers.

Vision and Motto: To work for betterment of student’s life by funding for their education, sports activities and innovative projects by collecting funds through our crowdfunding platform. By showcasing academic/sports/ project achievements and activities, students are able to garner donations from supporters to further their career.

Edudharma raises funds for Education, Sports, Innovative Projects, Arts, Film and Photography, NGO, Charity and, any social activity.

How it works-
1. Submit campaign—————Student or NGO in need of education/sport/project funding submits the campaign request form.
2.Get reviewed——————Campaign operation team will review the submitted campaign and the campaigner will be guided with the feedbacks.
3. Launch it————Campaign will be published in the website and will be shared in various social media.
4. Get the funding-Donated funds will be transferred to campaigners account

Partner with EduDharma
Educational institutions, corporates, NGO’s can partner with EduDharma to support student’s welfare. When partnered it provides a subdomain link to the respective organization, subdomain will be respective organization’s name or any preferred name suggested by the Educational institutions, corporates, NGO’s (for example:, where you can post the student profile who are in need of academic funding and EduDharma will help raise funding for those students.

The Benchmark
EduDharma has supported nearly 60+ students so far, with the scholarship amount of Rs.16 lakhs. They have also raised funds for NGO’s/Organizations and other educational sectors who needs funding for educational /social cause.

Contact info:
UG Floor, Rathinam Techno Park,
Pollachi Main Road,
Tamil Nadu 641021
Email:, Phone:
(+91) 9087766633