CHIREC International School, Hyderabad- Latest Initiatives

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Latest initiatives at CHIREC

CHIREC is a brand, having been established by Mrs. Ratna D. Reddy in 1989. The hall mark of the school is that it takes up new initiatives each year and sets trends for other to follow.

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The latest of CHIREC International’s new social venture is a Mobile Library! We have replaced seats for shelves and have transformed one of our school buses into a welcoming space filled with books for all ages. CHIREC’s Mobile Library travels to different government schools around the city bringing works of literature in different languages to those who may not have easy access to libraries and book stores. Students are able to browse, borrow and return books as well as have access to study and educational materials. Our library on wheels is staffed by a driver, a helper and senior students from the international section.
CHIREC has also set up a solar generation plant, because of which, the school is able to do net metering, an eco-friendly concept of encouraging power consumers to take to solar power production to manage the energy demand and supply.

We have an Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant where water is purified to meet the drinking water needs of the school. We follow Zero Waste Management, ground water recharging, Kitchen waste water is purified and used for gardening.

All the buildings have lifts and ramps to enable physically challenged reach all areas of the school.

Girls Code Camp is another initiative by our alumna and Stanford University Computer Engineering student, Aashna Shroff. Aashna is one of the 12 most promising students of Stanford. GCC is a social venture to teach girls coding and use technology to foster change. 2nd edition was completed in July 2016. A Hackathon was organized to create a community of like-minded girls interested in computer science and create a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Another initiative by Soumeet Lanka and Krishna TejMadempudi, also our alumni, encourages students to use technology to enhance their creative abilities and foster innovation and develop entrepreneurs. In this program, students of classes 5 to 9 develop the ability to look at a situation or problem, come up with an innovative idea to solve the problem and bring the idea to life in an innovation lab. The program has met with an enthusiastic response.

Contact Info:
1-55/12, CHIREC Avenue,
Kothaguda (PO),
Hyderabad – 500 084
Telangana, India

Phone Numbers:  44760997, 44760999, 9866461201