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Mr. Gaurava Yadav is the CEO-Founder of EduAce Services. An avid quizzer himself, he aspired to give the facelift for quizzing and general knowledge among Indian students who were not getting enough opportunities and thus EduAce was started. He talks at length about the various activities of his institute which has become extremely popular among schools and students.


When he was in school, he found that students had to go out to take part in any competitions as the organizers never came to small places. He felt the need for school level quiz contests or at a state level. Children in the smaller areas are talented but not substantially exposed. So he started EduFace with a quiz program for schools and this has become the fastest quiz program for the schools in India. The institute has become the “learning tradition company for schools system in India.” The company operates in three states currently, UP, MP, and Uttarakhand and hopes to be Pan India soon.

The institute has covered about 5 lakhs students so far after a journey that had its ups and downs. They are now able to convince students to work on general knowledge and general awareness as in all competitive examinations general knowledge is important. The social and emotional quotient of students have a role to play. The institute has multiple brands and currently G-QAT program (General Knowledge and Quizzing Aptitude Test) and GURU a program for teachers on training for quiz programs are popular. Guru program was developed as the teachers in India are poorly read and cannot guide students. After the response from the market, principals have requested for general awareness and logical reasoning programs for teachers.” We believe the program has been successful.” The institute also plans to expand to other states. Investors have lot of expectations and bring lot of expertise. So “we find ourselves to be in the right place.”

The curriculum is twofold which are completely pre-programmed for schools to conduct quiz program for finding the best talent in the city and at national level. The first program of EduAce went for 16 weeks and was a great success and of high quality. Then schools started talking to them on multiple things, “do you train, do you teach quizzing, how do you do” etc. Based on the feedback, EduAce went on building on their own strength. The G-QAT is a paid program that goes straight into the system of the school. “The schools hire us, we take our service to them and charge them.” Mr. Gaurava Yadav is happy that they are steady and are not dependent on any particular school.

They are an interstate level players. With the consent of parents and students the schools come to them for G-QAT.
Mr. GauravaYadav says that first they “need to assess where the students stand.” An aptitude test is conducted to assess them and learning module is given to them on a regular basis. EduAce encourages inquisitiveness and addresses multiple learning for the students. The education boards in India do not have formal General Knowledge in the system which is very important like any other subject for competitive exams. But very few schools show focus on general knowledge. The goal of the institute is to reach the right people, to prove that they are the best, and take care of the learning process.

EduAce has done a project called for a B2B company for conducting an online quiz. Every Friday there used to be a quiz program at 5 pm which won the Asia Communication Award 2012. “It was a prestigious program but phased out” since nobody was taking care.

EduAce is focusing on all boards in India and is keen on interacting with people who are charged up and willing to guide students. He goes to any town but his challenge is that they don’t have exposure and only a few schools utilize the opportunity. There are three plans: Rs. 250 which is the Silver plan and includes test and analysis, Rs. 500 which is the Gold plan offering a book called “Plotting GK” and monitoring of students, and Rs. 750 which is the Platinum plan containing three sessions. Mr. GauravaYadav feels the price is very competitive in the industry.

EduAce has currently 12 people working and the Quizzers are largely in metro, in particular Delhi who want to devote time for quizzing. He feels sad that after Bournvita Quiz Contest, there are no national level contests happening regularly. Mr. GauravaYadav concludes saying “I want to be only in the schooling and not anywhere else.”

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