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Sushil Sukhwani, is the highly successful director of Edwise, a well-known education consultant firm headquartered in Mumbai. He was among the very few who went to Australia for higher studies in 1990. The institute has been running for over 25 years offering very effectual and high quality counselling. Having earned the name as the best overseas education consultant in India and abroad, it represents 575 institutions all over the world.

It was in 1991 September that Edwise started. As he did not want to go to US to do an MBA without the 4 years bachelors’ degree, Mr. Sushil Sukhwani was looking for options other than USA and Canada. He then decided to go to Australia. He “attended some University fairs” when he was there.

After visiting “more than 15 universities in Australia, I decided which one to study.” Along with a few other friends who were his classmates he joined Bond University. Bond University had everything needed for a quality education, technology, location, and infrastructure. The founder got the best faculties from Australia to teach there. He says “no one would have known these unless someone went there.” Then he decided to help the institution to spread word among students in India. He started doing this as a volunteer and then the University authorized him to work on this.

When asked about the countries Edwise focuses on, Mr.Sushil Sukhwani says the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland are the main ones. Apart from these, the company also considers countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Spain, Sweden, and Netherlands but he says there is “not much volume in those countries.” The services start from talking to a person about:
· What he aims to study abroad
· If he is sure of studying abroad
· If he should, what subject
· If he should, what level –bachelors or masters

The company helps a student who wants to study abroad with:
· Selection of courses
· Applications
· Finding accommodation
· Travel arrangements
· Visa
· Scholarships
· Meeting delegates and fixing interviews with them

Mr. Sushil Sukhwani says that UK and USA top the list of countries receiving maximum number of applications. UK is popular because of the quality and even though German government universities offer free education, very few students can meet the expectations of the Germans as they want very high grades. They want students “who have completed bachelors and then come for masters. They don’t need people from schools.” The minimum mark requirement is above 80%.

Edwise helps in securing admission for bachelors and masters programs. 85% of the students go abroad to study PG programs and only 15% go for bachelors. The probable reasons Mr. Sushil Sukhwani sees are:

· Cost of education is very high at bachelors’ level
· Duration of the course is long
· A person who goes for bachelors would like to go for masters also which involves lot of money
· They would like to have a good finish to their studies
· Most of the students don’t have money to spend for 5 years of bachelors and masters programs

Mr. Sushil Sukhwani feels that when a student gets admission in one of the top institutions like IIT or IIM in India, he can think of staying in India. But in the next level institutions “the quality suffers a lot. It is better to be abroad. The quality control is very high in abroad. And between the first and sixth tier there is not much of variance as there is in India.” Also the financial constraints are there, making it difficult to decide which is better. But education abroad, has a different flavour as it gives exposure to international culture, people, and job.

About the preferred courses, Mr. SushilSukhwani says that about 45 % students go for business related programs like MBA, and another 40 to technical programs like engineering, IT, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. He says about 65% of the applicants succeed in going abroad and the failure of the others is due to budget, family etc.
Edwise does not collect fees for specific countries and institutions because “we have mandate from them not to charge.” But for countries like USA, depending on the course and location, Edwise charges about Rs. 20,000 (twenty thousand).

The procedure to apply for studies abroad according to Mr. Sushil Sukhwani include:
· Real reason why they are going abroad
· Figure out the program, countries, and institutions
· Fulfilling marks requirements
· Clearing tests like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT
· Study plan
· References
· Statement of purposes
· Application to be filled online or paper based
· Follow up
· When offered admission, accept it
· Arrange for bank loans
· Apply for visa and make travel plans.

Mr. Sushil Sukhwani says that “challenges are not very much” in running the company. But he says that “students think education abroad is not as expensive as it is and they think they can afford it or they would want to do it but they have to understand the cost and weigh whether it is worth for the benefits they get.” A post graduate course of two years in USA will cost anywhere between Rs. 25-50 lakhs which is based on the quality of education, location, and scholarship. The cost includes accommodation.

Edwise conduct exhibitions thrice a year in February, May, and September called World Education Fair where the students meet university delegates, get information on programs one on one and understand the actual benefits of studying abroad. The company “has received lot of recognition and accreditation” from international bodies in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Sushil Sukhwani concludes “we have sent lots of students abroad, many of them have successfully received aid and changed their lives.” The company has been successful in the smooth transition from India to other countries.

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