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Apex Consultants, Mumbai, has Mr. Tejash Thakkar at the helm as the Director, Owner, cum Founder. The
institute which was started in the year 2000 has 3 branches in Mumbai, Pune, and Aurangabad and Mr. Thakkar is the head of all three.

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The institute is into:
· Coaching students for IELTS and TOEFL
· Assist them in the process of going abroad such as when to apply, when not to
· Guide them how to go about with educational loan processing
· Visa documentation
· Pre and post departure facilities.

About the coaching process at Apex, Mr. Thakkar says that the institute is the authorized trainer for TOEFL and certified by ETS the largest education certified body. They are certified trainers for teachers and British Council. Apex teaches TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT, the basic examinations one has to take up before he applies for studies abroad. Mr. Thakkar says that there are about 2-3 modes of fee structure such as fast track and coaching mode. “For example, if there is a training to be done for 3 months, we charge accordingly but for mock tests we don’t charge much.” For GMAT, GRE, or SATwhich includes TOEFL, 3.5 months are needed and Apex charges about Rs. 25,000. If somebody is doing only TOELF, the institute charges Rs. 4,000.

Apex assists students in getting scholarships to study abroad which depends on the academic performance of the student. If he has distinctions, his chances of getting scholarship is high compared to a student who has got first class. So far about 450 applications have been received.

Mr. Thakkar says students prefer USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for higher studies. Students mostly approach them for pursuing post-graduation abroad. Business related subjects followed by Information Technology are the choice of the students.

Apex is not into counselling students for admission into Indian Universities. “Most of the students who come to us look for studies abroad.” Students from all sections of the society approach Apex. People from basic middle class look for studying abroad and this is not restricted to the upper class anymore.

When asked if it is worth studying in a less known foreign university, Mr. Thakkar says “I would say really it depends on which country because most of the countries have government recognized universities. So even if it is less known, no worries but they should have proper accreditation and then there should not be any problem.”

When a student is studying in a government based university even if it is less known, the government laws will allow him to stay back for 2-3 years after course completion. Apex is not into migration but only focuses on education. “We can guide him to proper immigration authorities who can help him to settle down. But we personally are not involved into migration.”
Mr. Thakkar says that Apex does not charge the students for their services. If he selects to continue his studies in New Zealand, fees is cheaper but an engineering course in USA is quite expensive.  The student should have obtained at least 55% and above to apply and he should do IELTS or TOEFL to continue their studies abroad. About the procedures to study abroad, Mr. Thakkar says that the student should start the process early. By the time results are announced in May, he should be ready with the application and send it quickly. Most of the students of Apex start the process at least a year in advance.
About the cost for doing post-graduation in USA or Canada, Mr. Thakkar says when one wants to study in USA, he should be ready with at least Rs 12-15 lakhs per annum. In Canada, there are two levels – masters and PG diploma. For masters, at least Rs. 10 lakhs are required while for PG Diploma at least Rs. 7-8 lakhs are needed. In most of the Universities, the duration of the courses is 1-2 years.

Apex interacts directly with the students. IELTS or TOEFL is needed for both IT, Business and commerce courses.
Of course, Apex faces lots of challenges. He cites:
· Institutions in India will not issue transcripts or reference letters to students and hence the application becomes incomplete.
· Students lack planning and start the process in the last minute
· They are unable to get bank loans as they need lots of documents.
· Long time is taken, even months to disburse the loan.
· The student loses the chance or interest in higher studies.

Mr. Thakkar talks about IELTS scholarships which are disbursed by British Council when a student scores very high in IELTS. They get scholarship worth Rs. 3 lakhs.

Location is not an issue for Mr. Thakkar when students in other places want to contact Apex. They can contact via social media like Whatsapp or Skype which is quite easy and application processing can also be done easily.
About the advantages of students pursuing higher studies in foreign universities, Mr. Thakkar says that variety of courses and specializations are available abroad. He quotes the example of leather designing. Even though India is a major exporter of leather, many universities do not offer masters or bachelors’ degree. Also the course is not on par with the international standard. A student seeks admission to foreign universities because he wants to understand the international culture, go global and wants to go the next level. Here the options available are limited.

Mr. Thakkar requests the students “they should plan their studies abroad in advance and not to do in the last minute. They should do proper preparation, take it up with due diligence, and should not take it up in the last minute. Don’t take it casually as it is really important in terms of studies.”

Mr. Thakkar concludes, “I would like to say to anyone looking for any kind of counselling for studies abroad, we offer free counselling session and will be glad to help in getting scholarship or anything like that.”

For more details, log on to http://www.apexstudent.com/

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