My school days – Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, Member of Parliament

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Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, a politician from Karnataka recalls her school days. She talks with ‘The School’ about her education, favorite teacher and importance of educated Indians becoming part of politics to transform our country into better India.

Shobha Karandlaje

I studied in Puttur Taluk, Charvaka village. The school didn’t have any teachers! I studied in a rural background. Later 2-3 teachers were appointed in the school for 500-600 students but they were not trained properly. Till high school I didn’t have any subject teacher precisely for English or Maths. I think now also circumstances in rural India will be the same or litter better.

Till 7th standard I studied in my village. Soon after I shifted to my Grandma’s village where I studied till 10th standard because my village didn’t had high school. I pursued PUC and degree in St. Philomina’s College, Puttur while MSW I completed from Roshani Nilay Mangalore, Mangalore University. I also did my Sociology MA from Open University, Mysore. After completing the degree courses I started working in Bangalore as Research Assistant for two years. Next I went to Manipal Kasturba Medical College now called as MAHE. I was working as Social Worker at MAHE. Then I resigned from the job and became a full time worker in BJP. I have worked in the party at various capacities like State Secretary, General Secretary BJP and so on.

My favorite teacher in primary school was Mr. Raju. Just two months back he retired from school. All the students and family were very fond of him. He hails from Udupi and was in service for long time approximately 15-20 years in my village, Puttur Charvaka. My family had close interaction with him as he used visit us every week, mostly Sunday. He used to update my parents about my performance in school.

Today children aim to become professionals like doctors and engineers. I feel if more educated people join politics then politics will clean up. These days everybody is seeing corruption everywhere. People feel a MP cannot perform and politicians are considered useless. It is not true! We are the policy makers. In order to establish any system it is essential to have policy and we politicians do that.

Law making and policy making is very important process in democracy. That is why educated people who want to serve the people should join politics. Social workers and professionals should join politics and contest for elections. Consequently politics will clean up, otherwise this is not possible. Money power, muscle power and caste power plays a major role in Indian politics. It should go off else democracy shall not be powerful instead only money will play, only muscle will play in the Indian politics. Educated people can transform present India into a better India. Narendra Modi hopes for the same. Narendra Modi tells educated people should join politics. India should become self-sufficient in all levels including politics.

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