Adore Your Teachers

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The WEANING PERIOD of a HUMAN CHILD is very long compared to all other animals. Most four legged animals can walk soon after birth and feed by themselves. Birds that are born on nests on land (NIDIFUGOUS) can walk and feed themselves soon after hatching. Perhaps a HUMAN CHILD is the only animal remaining helpless as a bird hatched on a nest in trees(NIDICOLOUS) and bushes. A Human child has to be fed and trained to do many things including TALKING. The human head is the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (CPU) for all our activities. All our senses function on the head and MAKES US ALWAYS FEEL SAFE AND ERECT ON EARTH , EVEN IF WE HANG UPSIDE DOWN LIKE A BAT.

The HEAD houses one of the GREATEST ORGANS in human body the MOUTH. The mouth is THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN, that help one to communicate. Inside the mouth , there is the TONGUE , like the SANCTUM SANCTORUM of a HOUSE OF PRAYER. The tongue is PROTECTED By 32 HARD TEETH. But at times, the tongue lashes and makes the teeth at RISK. W. hen you speak some thing bad and irritate the listener , you run the risk of a hard punch on your face and there by put the teeth to risk. THE TONGUE is responsible for ones SPEECH. It is the SEAT OF THE GODDESS of SPEECH, SARASWATHY, VAK DEVI (வாக்கு தேவி, वाक् देवी ) PECHAAYI (பேச்சாயி).


The MOUTH being a SACRED ORGAN, one has to be very selective on the FOOD we EAT and DRINK only what is good for health. NOT ONLY THAT WE MUST SPEAK only good words , without hurting others. In order to facilitate speaking good, we chant slokas, sing Bhakthi songs, Sing in the praise of the LORD in Churches and chant Prophets words , chant Granth sahib etc. When you say LORD , it can mean any one who is omnipotent and omnipresent. Community singing facilitates this. ALL RELIGIONS SPEAK IN ONE VOICE and expect you to ADORE THE GREAT TEACHERS WHO FOUNDED THE FAITH. Insist that your children too  to follow this. THERE NONE CALLED BAD TEACHER. TEACHERS FORM THE STEPS YOU HAVE CLIMBED up your academic achievements and carriers. Every single teacher who has taught you had something to contribute and facilitate your achievement. ADORE THEM. Do NOT NEGLECT ANY STEP that is a TEACHER. LOCATE THEM and COMFORT THEM WITH WARMTH AND AFFECTION. TEACHERS MAY NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN. BUT STILL DO YOUR DUTY.

Remember the number of times you have been Cheated by some one. He/She has taught you a great lesson in life. Anyone who facilitates your learning must be adored.

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