Saurabh Saklani – Director of “Inme” Adventure Camp

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According to him Inme helps youngsters realize the simple fact that “I have much more in me than I thought or what others told me I had!” In other words “infinite me. “

Inme programs have empowered students & teachers of over 30 leading schools across India such as Inventure Academy Bangalore, Hillspring International Mumbai, Pathways Schools in the NCR, Strawberry Fields World School Chandigarh, Lawrence School Sanawar, Welham Boys, and The Doon School, among others. An alumni of Doon school, Knox College and MBA from INSEAD (‘03) Saurabh is a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He utilizes an action-oriented facilitation style focused on giving participants tools and hooks to drive learning that they can actually use back at the workplace. Excerpts of the interview with him: Adventure has a way of opening a child’s mind beyond almost everything you can do in a classroom. An unfamiliar yet safe environment excites a child to try new things and take on challenges. “Inme” Summer camps are designed to help children engage in a challenging outdoor learning adventure to help them explore the immense potential inside each of them. Founded in 2008 by alumni of XLRI &INSEAD, who are pioneers of adventure based learning in India, Inme offers a powerful alternative to traditional school trips by providing engaging and meaningful adventure based learning. Inme believes that important life skills can be developed experientially while having fun & the great outdoors lend themselves to instilling a sense of awe, which helps open young minds to introspection & new experiences. Inme programs have empowered students & teachers of over 30 leading schools across India. It works with Children with the age group of 9 to 17 on the Outclass Program, 17to25 on the Global Leaders Program and the Parent organisation Expert works with the age group of 25 to 75 on corporate behavioural training interventions. Children learn a lot of things subtly during the programs like doing things that they did not think was possible, facing Challenges even small ones. Learning Self Discipline, developing social consciousness, enhancing school spirit greatly increase togetherness, teamwork and shed biases for students and teachers. When asked about the challenges they face while running the program he said, Some of the challenges faced during running these programs are natural calamities such as floods/earthquakes or landslides in the hills. We have detailed standard operating procedures to cope with any kind of eventualities that might occur during programs. Another Challenge is especially with the youngest lot of 9 year olds is homesickness and fears. Our instructors and teams which handle these age groups are very well trained to handle these situations. In this case, the court declared that martial law can never exist where the courts are open in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. Mentioning about the safety and security of the students, he said, there is absolutely no compromising on child safety in our camps. We maintain impeccable safety standards. All our instructorsand course leaders are trained and experienced in their respective fields from India, America and Australia. They also undergo arigorous training procedure with us before being sent on any program with children. We use world-class equipment of international standards on our camps and our outdoor gear is UIAA-certified. In addition to that we provide a 1 to 5 adult ratio on every camp, with 1 adult to supervisory 5 children. When asked about how the instructors deal with varied temperaments of each child, he said, mentoring on inme programs is based on dialogue, not monologue. Our instructors listen with the intent to understand. Our Instructors help students make connections between present and future experiences while staying focussed on the overall development of their personalities. There are many incidents worth sharing, but one thing which gives us a lot of satisfaction is that we have had a constant 99. 5+ score on our overall feedback ratings from students, parents and teachers alike, this has been constant in the past seven years, being a service based organisation it is a matter of great pride that we have been able to sustain this kind of feedback. For more details visit us at http://www. inme. in/