World’s first cook (chef) – Chloroplast and Photosynthesis

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We are amazed by the great industries, which have given us comfortable life to day. But least we spend time to think about one of the most efficient but highly complicated industries, which has been functioning from the very beginning of life, long before humans came in to existence. The great process that sustains life on earth, with its own energy store house, converters and waste treatment system is present in sub microscopic units of the cell. The best possible chef of the world organised; cost efficient; fuel efficient; Non-labour intensive; self-contained; export oriented Industry is Photosynthesis. This complex process is so efficiently performed by green plants, taking carbon dioxide from air and water from the ground to give us a variety of food. This takes place in the leaf cells of plants with a close coordination of the cell organelles CHLOROPLASTS and MITOCHONDRIA. This process is highly efficient, does not require transportation cost and raw material cost at least in the free conditions. It is time we use this process to the advantage of human kind by shifting to Silviculture (Forestry), BIOTECHNOLOGY etc. It is interesting to note that one square meter of leaf surface produces about o. 5 to 1. 0 gram of starch in one hour!
At this rate a good sized tree with about 1000 sq. m area of LEAF SURFACE, will produce about 0. 9 kg of starch in one hour and about 20 kg of starch in a day. Such is the production capacity of plants. This why our ancients worshiped trees and revered them. All these actions are all controlled and guided by the nucleus which is able to store the genetic information from the parent cell. Article by Mr. R Venkata Ramanan. Chennai based educational consultant. See linkedIn profile. R Venkata Ramanan
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