Intelligence of animals judged by by comparing the BRAIN SIZE : BODY SIZE

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Intelligence of Individual animals are best judged by comparing the BRAIN SIZE : BODY SIZE of an animal including human beings. RATS have been living along with human environment ever since the dawn of civilization. As of this writing, the developers have just released version 2. Several way to protect clothes and seeds were developed by our ancients. One such way to avoid Rat climbing down the rope that supports cloth hanging bamboo rod , is to tie a coconut or a circular COW DUNG cake on the rope between ceiling and the cloth or seed hanging rod. RATS can climb up or down ; but it cannot move around an unattached end. The coconut or cow dung would stop the rat coming on to cloth or seeds and damaging them. Here you see the intelligence of Human being above Rats. But Rats have a GREAT SURVIVAL INSTINCT THAN HUMANS as they multiply faster than humans.

The following table giving the ratio of brain to body size of various animals , clearly proves that Rats are equally if not better than humans in intelligence. Mouse’s vocal cord is not built in the same way as human beings. Hence they are not able to speak like us. We have to learn a lot from mouse.

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