Deep Sea Fishes

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If one looks under the oceans and seas of the world below 1000 feet (about 300 mts) , one would see a strange dark world. This dark world is inhabited by creatures much different from what we have seen on the surface of oceans and those sea foods that comes to the market. For a very long time people thought nothing lived so deep; except for some mythological stories. Later on scientists started observing the deep sea using cables and divers. They observed that the deep sea housed several star fish, Corals, and other living organisms including fish. The invention of Bathysphere by William Beebe and Otis Barton took the scientists very deep. As the sunlight enters the sea, first the red rays are absorbed (cut) followed by green (cut) leaving only the dark blue colour (RGB-RG)
The sea is totally dark below 350m. In these depths live the black, dark purple, brown and transparent fish. A few prawns have been observed to be red. Even though the sea is pitch dark, they do have moving street lights as many of then creatures carry light. Some carry light on the feelers above their head and others have string of lamps along their bodies. Some fish are capable of turning their light off and on. But when these fishes are brought to the surface, their lights disappear. Article by Mr. R Venkata Ramanan. Chennai based educational consultant. R Venkata Ramanan
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