Teacher is the most important vehicle of education

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Any citizen of this country who figures herself as responsible –particularly who deal with the minds and hearts of young people, must be prepared to face a new world of learners. We must understand that the operations in the classroom will start operating in the society, so it is important that fantastic citizens are created in the classrooms so that we have a most fantastic society. The role of a teacher educator here is very crucial. She/He has to devote herself in exploring innovative strategies to equip the teachers with best practices to boost quality of teacher education. In the prevailing social condition, teachers should perform many important roles for the progress and Welfare of the Society. Teachers have great responsibilities and his general attitude towards Society should be of enthusiasm and Optimism. They should follow the Ideals of democracy, Secularism and Socialism. By performing effective dynamic and positive role, teachers must bring out change in the society in order to fulfill the needs of the society and solve the problems in the society. Teachers can perform their role and responsibilities towards society in two aspects:
1. Inside the school to prepare students to become effective citizens of our country. 2. Outside the school by assuming the role of a social worker and agent of social change. However their performance in the school ha vital significance. According to Richard Hooker (1600), the teacher is indeed the architect of our furniture. “Society can reflect him at its own Peril. In this context, Teacher is an Agent of social change, Reformer of the Society, Eliminator of Social tension and Conflicts and act as character builder. Therefore teachers, should recall about their responsibilities to reform the society and protect the social value based activities in the society and make society free from all sort of social evils. Children are coming from various levels of society and attend the class to gain some knowledge. It is the indispensable duty of the teachers to have effective communication and give best knowledge and inspiration to these children. Teachers should maintain a very good rapport with children that is teacher-student relationship (Human relation) and also with teachers. If teachers are capable of working with other teachers and students as a team, it develops co-operating tendency and enrich the personality. Inside man (personality) transmits one’s individuality in a conscious social participation. The personality develops individuals more than the levels of ego (self). It is actually strengthening the ego or individuality. Otherwise the child wil create a problem, have complex and unable to establish a social relationship with others. At the same time, when child comes to get school education, he develops a sense of individuality and then seek individual freedom. The individual freedom goes beyond the limit of without social responsibility will be a very danger to the nations wealth and health. If freedom grows in a person with a sense of responsibility, society will have a responsible citizen that can be only done by teachers through education in the class room climate or school climate. REFERENCES
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