Mobile policies in schools


Now, schools have mobile policies. Gone are the days when mobiles were taboo on school campuses. Waking up to the realization that the tool can be of crucial help when it comes to the child’s security, many schools have their own mobile policies in place. Many institutions are now allowing students to carry cellphones to […]

CBSE says no school trips unless needed


The Central Board of Secondary Education has asked principals to ensure that tours are organised on a need-only basis and only if it is relevant to the course curriculum…A circular from the board to the principals of all affiliated schools across the country also listed safety guidelines for study tours. Sources said tragedies, like the […]

New technology tools in education

Ms B Tulasi

Topic: Modern Assessment Techniques Assessing students’ competencies! Technology supported assessments can enable a leap in educational productivity! Here are the views of an Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department of Christ University, Bangalore! The growth of technology has been exponential in the past decade and this growth has led to a deeper penetration of technology […]

Education helps in socialization process

Mrs. Shashi Chaudhary

Two types of education! Role of education in socialisation process! Education means the drawing out, development of faculties. It begins in school and college but does not end there. In school and college one gains a smattering knowledge of various subjects and one learns the best methods of acquiring knowledge. Institutions train the mind and […]

Adolescent Health – Need to promote awareness about balanced diet and not skipping meals

Wg Cdr Ranjit K Mandal

National Consultative Meet on Adolescent Health! Suggestive measures to the Govt. of India to formulate policy to protect the full potential of the countries adolescence that are tomorrow’s adult! Wg Cdr Ranjit K. Mandal (Retd.), Principal, BGS World School, Chickaballapur who attended the meet in New Delhi in Feb 2014 reports: National Association on Adolescence […]

Teacher is the most important vehicle of education

Mrs Shefali Sharma

Any citizen of this country who figures herself as responsible –particularly who deal with the minds and hearts of young people, must be prepared to face a new world of learners. We must understand that the operations in the classroom will start operating in the society, so it is important that fantastic citizens are created […]